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Is the GOP becoming the party of Diversity?

Posted by mrfixit on December 1, 2010

This article makes a convincing case and gives some analysis of the data the suggests it is the GOP that has candidates that get broad support from a racial diverse support base, and it is the Democrats that have candidates the only exist from the specifically engineered districts that create local racial anomalies, ironically leading to racist views dominating the selection of representation.

Can we actually do what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. proposed and get to the point of judging by CONTENT of CHARACTER, not skin color?

Certainly the election of Obama proves plenty of supposedly racist oppressive “white” folk will vote based on character (at least the character they were deceived to support).   At the same time it seems there is not the same occurrence in much of the “oppressed” non-white areas of the country.  Who are the real racists here?



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