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The Modern Feminist (Left wing) Movement: Not about femininity at all, it is about POWER!

Posted by mrfixit on November 29, 2010

I have touched on this topic before, it is a minefield.  All too often today’s PC culture has so squelched speech that many will not even dare step foot in this field, not me, I step on mines all the time!  I will discuss such issues.

I had a previous post about Women on Submarines, and dealt with some of the issues there, which have nothing specifically to do with women, but everything to do with good order and discipline in a mixed gender crew in that environment.  The modern feminist rejects this entirely.

Here is that post:


Further we see countless examples around us that suggest what is really going on. 

Why is it that the modern so called feminists willingly attack Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, and ANY conservative women who dares rise in political prominence and gains the public attention?  

Here are just a few examples:

Behar calling Sharon Angle degrading names:


Palin Derangement Syndrome; example of so-called feminist attacks on Sarah Palin, or her children:


Behar claiming Michelle Bachmann is anti-children:


It can be even worse; some so-called feminists make excuses for sexual assaults against women!?

Whoopi Goldberg says Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13 year old is not “Rape-Rape”:




So called feminists circle the wagon for Bill Clinton (Note the usual suspects, Boxer, Pelosi, Mosley-Braun, and this from 1998!):


Attacks on Kathleen Willy because her coming forward about Bill’s actions:

WILLEY: Hillary claims to be and wants us to think that she’s a champion of women’s rights. She’s a women’s advocate. She’s a feminist. She has enabled his behavior for over 30 years. This started way before they got married. This is all documented in my book.“


Here is one that tries to smear the VICTIM on account of her betraying Clinton:


Inconsistencies with the “suicide” of her husband:


Attacks on Linda Tripp who brought forward the information on Monica Lewinsky:



Attacks against Juanita Broderick for her coming forward about a rape committed by Bill Clinton:




Bill Clinton:


“The White House responded aggressively to Jones’s charges and attempted to undermine her credibility through repeated denials on behalf of the President along with off-handed remarks from Clinton loyalists deriding her as “trailer park trash,” all of which served to infuriate Ms. Jones. On May 6, 1994, she filed a civil lawsuit against the President in federal district court in Arkansas, seeking $700,000 in damages along with a personal apology from Clinton.“


Here is one, they are still at it!  Politico says “widely discredited exposé” about Gary Aldrich’s book, but that is not really the truth.  They admit later: “one of the most oft-cited passages of the book”.  How about the many other pages of information, apparently those were accurate!

Why must they protect Bill at all costs?   


Bill was no legitimate protector of women, he abused them, and Hillary like the other modern so-called feminists protected and enabled him in their joint quest for power.

I’ve been reading a book (I’m about half way through it) called Domestic Tranquility.  The author (a former workforce/professional woman) makes the case that the modern feminist movement is not about femininity at all, but about masculinity.  It is about making women behave more like men.  So much so that these so-called feminists have come to despise and attack the true feminine activities, especially the role of mother and homemaker.  To these radicals, the worst thing a woman can do is be a mother and homemaker.  If they do somehow have children, they are supposed to turn them over to so-called “experts” to do the job of raising these inconvenient children.  No – women are to take on the primary role and be the “man” of the house, and the pinnacle of success would be those of such masculine spirit to never bother with men at all, like say like Janet Napolitano (Big Sis of DHS let me grope you fame).  Heck even Hillary Clinton works as an example, does anyone really think she cares about Bill for anything more than his ability to elevate her into higher positions of power in political office?  We would not even know her if not for Bill!

Actually, we could say that the modern so called feminist does not care about either gender at all, they care ONLY about POWER.  The effort has been built with the perception of all women are oppressed by men – and that women have and had no power.  This was supposedly intentionally and systematically inflicted upon them by “oppressor” men.  It is the effort to reverse that largely false or exaggerated perception, to switch roles of the oppressed and oppressor – It is about power. 

It is no doubt true that some oppression is and was reality, and that at least superficially it can be said women had less power than men, but that denies the very heavy and real impact women have had as mothers, wives, daughters, and in all kinds of ways, often ones that don’t get much mention in the history books, but are no less real.  Women have always had power and will always have power.  The question is not that but whether we come to accept the modern feminist notion that they are somehow now entitled to be the new oppressors in society, to correct the supposed past wrongs.  To that I say two things:  First two wrongs do not make a right; and second, there is no need to accept ANY oppressor.  Let’s reject any and all oppressors of unalienable individual rights no matter what gender or any other external characteristic.  Let’s accept ONLY those that value our individual rights, especially our liberty.


Attacks continue on Palin and her family, this one from a woman in front of troops did not go well!



Real classy, this woman has no room to be throwing stones at anyone.


and from her site, yep, real sleaze and apparently involved with a 20 something reject, Levi Johnston.  How did this (insert you name here) get on a USO event?



This woman is a disgrace, but then that is “normal” in here Hollywood neck of the woods…



It is about power, the oppressor and the oppressed.  Now the effort is to switch roles.  This to make it seem acceptable and exciting for older women to have young boy toys.  Since women have complained, rightly, when men have done this, now it seems some women think two wrongs will somehow make a right? 

Nope, it is not right and this is actually even more damaging for these women than it has been for men. 

If older women do this, they think it empowers them, but in reality they are being used.  The younger man is only interested in sex, not anything meaningful, and that will not end well.  At least when it is older men and younger women, the younger woman is not generally motivated only by sex, she likely is interested in financial security, not great, but not as bad as the reverse.  To think the younger male will form a meaningful relationship is unlikely even more than when the roles are reversed.  I think that is just common sense. 

Making this seem acceptable only invites more chaos and abuse of women (and perhaps minor males, when involved, although males at that age rarely recognize the harm it causes)!

This is another example of the modern feminist movement actually endorsing harmful behavior for women! 


As I pointed out, the modern feminist is more motivated for political power that actual rights and respect for women.  This DOES help erode and prevents successful and functional relationships and families, and that is why the modern feminist supports this kind of behavior.  By the destruction of the family they gain the disaffected followers to propel their political power and fortune.  The actually derive power from human misery!  (Saul Alinsky calls this rubbing raw the sores of social discontent, and to create discontent if needed…)

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