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The Elite Government Class and the Rest of Us: The new “haves” and “have nots”

Posted by mrfixit on November 24, 2010

I posted an observation about the new center of wealth and power in the USA is now the Government Class.  When 7 out of the 10 wealthiest counties in the US surround the federal capital, you know what that must mean.  The only major industry there is government.  Even the “private” companies there exist to support by contracts the federal government!

Here is that post:


So, I heard a sound bite from Rush Limbaugh, where he noted that the new haves are government and the rest of us are the have nots.  Well, we are getting groped and naked scanned at the airport, not so for the Government class!


Now, most will say grope them also, make them get the scans and sexual assaults the rest of us have to deal with, well I understand that tendency, which is not helpful. 


You see it makes sense to not do the extra checks on those easy to identify as not a threat, like pilots and well known officials who have clearances.  That they should do for ALL of us!

The system ought to allow volunteer security checks in advance of the airport for ALL, then if the ID is verified and the person known, then no need for all this crap at all! 

How about the military, they have ID’s, they mostly have Secret or above clearances, but they are not part of the elite exempt class?

You see, while they WANT you to be angry, the want you to demand others suffer with you, you only play into their hands if you demand such.  We should be demanding the opposite.  We should demand the exclusion of more and more, even maybe all US Citizens that have a clean and clear background.  We ought to allow the citizen to be checked out in advance, and then only screen those that remain mysterious and meet several characteristics that have been common in previous attacks.  Grandma, the 3-year old, the pilot, the congressman, the soldier, sailor, airman and marine, these are NOT the threat profile, but we screen them as if they are in an insane PC quest to not identify the higher probability threats out there.


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