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Democrat being a Democrat: Obama advisor caught soliciting sex from a minor.

Posted by mrfixit on November 24, 2010

Hey if no limits sex was OK for Bill Clinton, then why not all Democrats?  Here is one, former senior advisor for Obama and well networked in the Democrat machine, finally busted soliciting sex from a minor.  How many times did he succeed before the police caught him?  Sure it is possible this was first time, but I doubt it.  Democrat/progressives are screwing us all, this one seemed to prefer minors otherwise it would not even be a story, just Democrat business as usual.  When and if a Republican does this, it is usually the end, conservatives don’t accept this stuff, and it DOES get big news headlines.  Want to bet that this one fades into obscurity…

It is truly sad the Democrat party has been overrun with the most radical anti-American collectivists, its party platforms are directly in conflict with the concept of individual rights and LIMITED Government.  It was not always that way, but it is now, even more following the election.  I’m not sure there is anything left to salvage there…


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