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TSA Groping, is it really about Security? Maybe it is to inflame the middle class and ignite the revolution…

Posted by mrfixit on November 22, 2010

Alright, we are seeing more examples of stupidity and trampling of individual rights and at such a pace I cannot keep up.  This is based on politically correct bans on any form of profiling, yet we still have profiling when it is against the “white” male.

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Now how do I come to the point where I might think this policy is not merely incompetence but INTENTIONAL and targeted?

Well I have done much research; read “Rules for Radicals” Read the radical manifestos from the anti-Americans who live amongst us.  I have read their plans.  Their plans specifically call for actions to create chaos and stoke tensions to create the proper environment for FUNDAMENTAL change to happen and to be lasting.  They look at the USA as the threat, our system of individual, unalienable rights, and the massive success and prosperity it has created is a threat.  Our individual freedom is not predictable or controllable; it must be destroyed, and replaced. 

How to get people to give up freedom…. Well you can create dependence, check, 41% on government assistance.

You can create a crisis, so people will demand security and give up liberty for temporary safety, check, the progressive infringements on your rights is in full effect.

But how and who do you target?  Well you need to get your collectivist control freak radicals into high offices and in control of the government.  Then you need to control the working class, lower income people (SEIU and other unions exist to do the lower end control work).  The Middle that is the problem, it is typically impossible to control.  They don’t give up freedom and prosperity easy, they have enough, and know enough to appreciate what they have and the chance to earn more, they want to keep freedom and opportunity.

Well, who is the air traveling public if not a pretty well screened cross section of the MIDDLE class!  Yes, the elites have private planes and skip the security lines, and the poor rarely if ever fly.  So target the middle class.  Grope them!  The TSA is PERFECT for this task!  What a dream for the progressive radicals! 

Now, when this makes many not fly, well that also is OK, because that is good to condition you to get used to less freedom, the ability to freely travel is a pretty clear example of freedom itself, and it is freedom that these control freak progressive truly despise.

We don’t have to guess, it is happening in France.  A shadow government if you will, the radicals and the unions (really one in the same) are controlling much of the transportation and free movement in France RIGHT NOW! 

Think about it, the TSA is working to unionize right now, as well as other already unionized sections of society, when we reach the point of collapse and chaos, the unions will use their power to fill the power vacuum left by failing local and maybe even state governments, they’ll be calling the shots, not the elected representatives of the people!  Even those forced into unions will be powerless to resist, and that is the point! The union bosses and power elites will be the only ones that matter!






4 Responses to “TSA Groping, is it really about Security? Maybe it is to inflame the middle class and ignite the revolution…”

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