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Is Green Energy really Progress? Perhaps it is a step backwards…

Posted by mrfixit on November 20, 2010

In this analysis the author makes the claim that “Green Energy” is actually a step backwards!


I think his analysis misses some points that might better explain the motives, but he hits the mark on the false notion that somehow green energy production can replace other sectors of our economy, and if they did, it would actually indicate a reverse of productivity that led us to the prosperity of the last half century.

What he did not dwell into is that those pushing the green agenda, well many of those are for a regression of sorts, they may even despise humans completely! 


We can see what happened in Spain by pushing the “green” to the extreme.  It did not produce jobs, they are now teetering on the edge of cataclysmic economic disaster, with much of Europe with in not much better shape.

You can see this with the Chevy Volt, a car doomed to complete failure, and is born out of outright fraud:


There was even a detailed study that factored in total impact of manufacture, operation and disposal, and it concluded that the Hummer had a lower impact than the Prius:

Good summary:  http://www.ktbs.com/automotive/17312400/detail.html

Full report available here: http://cnwmr.com/nss-folder/automotiveenergy/

This one really ticked off the holier than thou Prius owners!  By the way, I have an older compact car, manual 5-speed, it gets about 40MPG on average, but cost about $12K!  Think about that compared to a Prius…  Need I mention that even my near 8000lb 1 ton diesel can pull over 20 MPG, and average just shy of that in combined driving!  The hybrid just does not make economic sense in most cases, it is a fad.

Now, a diesel hybrid, that might get some serious MPG, but we don’t have them here, yet.

You see, with the car information I provided, it is clear there are ways to be more efficient, but not all are truly more efficient.  The directions we take are not always based on sound analysis or fact, often it is based on a fad, a popularity motive, a false sense of “saving the planet” or such.

In that confusion, we might be led to believe many lies, accept progress that is not progress, purchase new products that are not actually better than the older products!

Let me take on the solar project for a minute, the first article speaks of the largest ever, 300Mw in southern CA.  What they are excited about is the UNION jobs and the supposed Green industry, but they don’t seem to note that every such solar project before this has gone bankrupt as soon as the government handouts came to an end. 

Here is a pull quote, slide 5 of the 10 largest renewable energy projects: “They were designed, built and operated by Luz International, which subsequently went bankrupt when the tax breaks that made the plant profitable evaporated.”


Here is a story from NYT that says Solar would die without continued taxpayer subsidy:


Why?  If it is so great why can’t it stand on its own?  The answer is simple, in this article the talk of $2 billion price tag, to produce how much power? Oh, yeah that would be 300 Mega watts.  Well to most out there not familiar with power generation, you might not know that a typical Nuclear plant will produce about 3 to 4 times that, and at a fairly comparable cost!  So that means solar generation is perhaps that much more expensive!  So if you like energy, do you really want to pay 3-4 times what you pay now to support these “green” plants?  No?  Didn’t think so!  There lies the reality.  This is symbolism over substance, it is actually a move backwards, but I don’t even need to mention the gigantic foot print of such a solar plant!  Do we really think the environmental nuts are going to love seeing the desert turned into solar and wind farms?  No, and they are already protesting!

In reality this is not about environment, or energy.  What is really going on is a massive international redistribution of wealth! 


Here are few stories about problems and bankruptcy in the solar industry:

Manufacturer goes under:  http://www.netdocketsblog.com/2010/02/renewable-energy-company-epv-solar-inc.html#axzz15llXxWiD

Spain – mandates did not work: http://www.solarthermalworld.org/node/1283

Canadian Solar/wind power producer goes under: http://www.electricityforum.com/news/aug09/SkyPowerfilesforcreditorprotection.html

Dutch company goes under:


And here is a short story that mentions the damaging fact that solar is at best 16% efficient!


Here are a sample of protests AGAINST this supposed “green energy”:

Against solar in So Cal:


Danish getting sick of wind turbines:


And this I just learned!  There is a medical condition called Wind Turbine Syndrome!  Whoa, the sounds bad!  Don’t know if it is believable or not, but clearly a protest!



Al Gore admits Corn Ethanol was a mistake, but we STILL pay for it via MASSIVE taxpayer subsidies.


The far left UK Guardian cries about “set backs” on climate policy, and then claims the skeptics have and “article of faith” against it!  NO, those that believe in man caused climate change; THEY have an “article of faith” to believe that crap, because ACTUAL science is inconclusive at best to support that “faith”. 

Included in the group of disappointed “faithful” was none other than hummer driving, private jet flying, Governor Schwarzenegger of CA.  A hypocrite at best!



Use of CIA to strong-arm agreements on Global Warming Hoax agreement!?



Soon you’ll be getting the same here, fewer consumer choices at higher prices to combat a hoax issue of man-made climate change.



One Response to “Is Green Energy really Progress? Perhaps it is a step backwards…”

  1. WCO said

    Yes, it is a huge step backwards. This is 12th century technology that the public has been duped into paying huge subsidies for. Here in Ontario, our rights have been taken away to object. Municipalities have been stripped of any input. This is BIG money backed by big oil and dubious politicians.

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