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Call me “Senator” Boxer, not only hates the Military, she hates the USA.

Posted by mrfixit on November 20, 2010

She dares to compare the US to Iran because we do not allow open homosexual service in our military!  Yep, this sure makes us equal to a thug dictatorship that buries women to their necks and stones them to death for doing much less that being homosexual!  Yes, I’m calling her a moron, I have NO RESPECT FOR THIS person.  Respect is earned, but quickly lost it is long past that.  First a funny video parody of this persons absurd request to be respected, then the rest of the story:


The re-elected this moron, she dares to compare the USA to Iran, and I’m sure she hates the US Military enough to actually believe it!  An enemy within here… Why did CA keep her?  Do sane people still live there or have too many left that the few that remain are not able to push any common sense in elections?


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