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Modern Unions: No longer about worker protection, today it is ALL about Power

Posted by mrfixit on November 17, 2010

Without question the abuses of employers led to the labor movement and the formation of unions.  They did serve a role and did usher in an era of improved worker protection and respect.

But what role do they serve now?  Today the government has moved in with OSHA, minimum wage rules, new healthcare mandates, etc, etc.

So, what then do the unions do today?

They are a machine to provide a power base for the union bosses and a way to funnel money from the workers, via the union to the political class, nearly always the Democrat/progressive political class.

Unions might seem good to the forklift driver in the Longshoreman’s union that is paid 6 figures for work that is done in the private sector at near minimum wage, but this is NOT sustainable.  Pay must be competitive; it is not market reality that a forklift driver earns about as much as a doctor, or about twice the rate of an aerospace engineer.  This kind of disparity can only exist by such artificial pressures of unions, but what happens over time?

Eventually the industries with the excessive labor costs are destroyed, and then the jobs are gone completely.  The Unions today largely act as a parasite on the free market system, sucking the blood from the system and eventually killing off the host. 

Look at USW Steel, the UAW auto workers (bailed out by the US taxpayer), you name it.   Pick the industry today with union domination, and compare it to the ones without unions.  You’ll find working conditions are little different, pay might be higher in the union mold, but it eventually kills the industry.

This study shows the big union states in decline, the non-union, right to work states on the ascendancy, it also happens to match tax rates!  Since unions in government eventually lead to out of control taxation as well, there it is the taxpayer the props up the unsustainable. 


Today the union is about power, they are not concerned about rights of individual members.  They are a collective.  They are quite happy to force people to pay dues and contribute to causes they’d never normally support.  It is not for the worker any longer, it is for the union bosses and the political class.

Here is a story about the biggest union boss of the AFL-CIO going to a PRIVATE meeting of progressive activists, supposedly in support of Democracy, but it had to be private, you know us little people might not understand all the talk about these elites making us in to permanent servants for THEM. 


Notice these people are all massively wealthy…  The Democrats and Progressives are not out to protect the little guy, they are out to enslave the little guy, but they call this caring for the little guy, because they do it via creation of dependence. 

Remember the 6 figure fork-lift driver?  Well, if you were paid that kind of money for that job and had not skills really worthy of such pay, you would quickly become dependent on the union to keep that job, and when it was threatened, you’d likely be inclined to fight hard to keep it, you then just became a servant to the union bosses and their agenda, you are then no longer truly free, cycle of dependence created.  Now, at some point it all collapses, but when it does those who caused the collapse will be blaming others, and also have ready more solutions, all of which will again enslave you under their dependent care. 

Nothing new here, this is the cyclical story of man’s freedom, enslavement, revolution, and if lucky freedom again.  The cycle might repeat many more times, or it might be the last cycle, at least in our lifetime.

The cycle only stops if people are educated in mass and don’t permit it to continue, but that is much easier said than done.  Far too many are content with the state of blissful ignorance, and they condemn us to repeats of this cycle.  What are you doing to try and educate others to stop this madness?


They want to take over your church as well:



Here it is, the unions are about their own power, even willing to make the public suffer for their unsustainable benefits packages.  This is only the beginning; it is going to get much worse.



Government Union workers at their finest:


With video:



Well, don’t take my word for it, how about the head union boss of the largest Union in the US?  HE SAYS IT!



AstroTurf: Union outsources protests to homeless people, paid minimum wage and no benefits!



Even in Left leaning New York, the people do NOT support rules demanded and put in place by UNIONS!

Yep, in large numbers the people disagree with the last in first out system, and prefer a PERFORMANCE based system!


More (22 March 2011):

Teachers that get 90, yes 90 sick days PER YEAR in Wisconsin!  No wonder they were so upset, this kind of boondoggle for people that work only 180 days a year is truly an outrage for the taxpayer!


Then we have good ole SEIU, basically a criminal outfit, surprise that it came from the same roots as ACORN.  Here a business finally stands up to their thug tactics:


And for full context, this seems to be a very PROGRESSIVE company by their own profile, but still a target for SEIU thugs for extortion.  They have no moral foundation at all, it is all about POWER, they only respect power, attaining it, growing it, and protecting it.  If SEIU will attack a progressive company like this, do you think anyone is safe from their tactics?  No way.



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