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Media Bias: It works if we allow it – if we are lazy.

Posted by mrfixit on November 17, 2010

I could go on for many pages with the outrageous cases of media bias, but this one does a good job of pointing out some very obvious contrast in how they treat political figures from a very slanted agenda oriented perspective.


In my prior post about knowing your enemies and your friends I discussed that our enemies would inform us of the most effective fighters on our side for the restoration of the American individual rights based system of excellence.


Well it is very clear, Sarah Palin must be a very real and present danger to their agenda, can you think of anyone more attacked, ridiculed and maligned by the current pop-culture, media elite, and progressives?

They hate her, and they know she is a real threat.  For that I very much love and support her!

This piece suggests the left hates her for being too happy, and on that I think there is a valid point:


The key to disarming the effectiveness of the media bias and promotion of an anti-individual rights progressive agenda is EDUCATION.  Truth and intellectual analysis of what they are doing makes calling the bias very clear and it then becomes completely ineffective. 

We are seeing some positive signs that more and more people are waking up and do question the media’s agenda, all one really needs for proof is the abysmal ratings and steady decline of the old biased lame stream media, and the rise of Fox News, Glenn Beck and others in the new conservative media.

Question all sides, even Fox News and do your homework.  Know what you believe and why.  My goal with this blog is to help facilitate that process and allow easy, somewhat organized analysis and links to original sources as much as possible.  KNOW THE TRUTH, then you cannot fall for the con job of false promises, false hope and the deception that ends in servitude.  BE FREE!

More examples of bias:



Well, there are plenty of examples, but here a lie is allowed to be broadcast far and wide, this one a big one, blame Bush for “Death Panels” in Obamacare.  Well, it is not Bush, it is Congress, and yes that would be Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Bush for his many errors, does not earn scorn on this one…



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