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What is Treason? Is it even possible to convict for treason in a modern PC infested world?

Posted by mrfixit on November 16, 2010



1. The offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

2. A violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.

3. The betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.


So, with this definition it is impossible to deny that treason is a possibility, people can and do just exactly what is described in that definition!

So, if it exists, and if there are people willing to commit treason, why don’t we ever convict anyone of treason in the USA in the modern world?

Ahhh… again PC rears its ugly head!  We are now so conditioned to accept virtually anything under the false protection of free speech.


Free speech does not by itself rise to treason, it is when that speech is followed by actions, and the definition clearly indicates treason is measured by actions, not ideas.

So, we are now in the crazy world where we are so conditioned to accept a new standard of guilty until proven innocent when we fly, and we have government officials that can justify groping 3 year olds as a condition to let them fly.  Have we lost the ability to discriminate threats from non-threats, good from evil, right from wrong?  Are we to now accept anything as morally equivalent and be non-judgmental? 

If so, is this not the perfect environment for real treason to take place in broad daylight?


This topic was inspired this morning by listening to a caller to Glenn Beck’s radio show.  The caller asked a great question:  Why do we not charge George Soros for treason?

You see in a sane world he could not only be tried, but convicted.  He has said in his own words that the USA is the obstacle to the new world order he sees as our future.  He has openly targeted the US economy and or government and has infiltrated both.  He is working to create massive inflation of the US Dollar; it is the mechanism to level the playing field that is needed to create his vision of the world, a vision which subverts the power and stability of the US Government and the people of the USA.  He has been very effective.  It is all in the open, and it is ACTIONS that have caused this damage, actions he proudly, loudly and even openly admits!

So, if that is not treason, what is?  If it is not possible for the massive damage to our foundations and our political system caused by Soros to qualify for treason, then there might not be any action in the PC modern world that could qualify, but that does not mean treason does not exist, it means our ignorance of it taking place right before our very eyes is in fact facilitating our own demise!

If you cannot identify and stop your enemies, your attackers, those who are working to place you in a state of desperation and servitude, well at some point they’ll succeed.  After that it is much more difficult to fight to regain your liberty.  Fight for it, identify and STOP your enemies, or prepare to be a servant of your new masters, masters like George Soros and the progressive global elites. 

On this topic, Glenn Beck missed the point.  His caller was right, George Soros needs to be charged with treason and called to account for his self admitted subversive activities to destabilize the US and our economy. He needs to be stopped.  It is not enough to sit by on the sidelines and attempt expose him and his plans, hoping they somehow will stop these efforts to destroy us.  He will not recognize the cues to stop, he will continue an “any means” quest to impose his worldview upon us; he has said as much in his own words.  We must use legal means to stop them, which is what our government is supposed to do!  It is to SECURE our unalienable individual rights from the actors like Soros who work to destroy those rights and replace them with “rights” granted and removed on a whim by the power elite in a world governance system of unaccountable elites – elites who select from amongst themselves and cut out any real will of the people.  They must be ACTIVELY stopped.

The last time there was a conviction for treason in the USA was in 1952.  That treason was against the USA supporting enemies in WW 2, but why were there no charges of treason during the cold war? 


How about the Walker spy ring, the Hansen spying efforts, or how about the hasty release of the recently captured Russian spies?  Not only did they not face real consequences, our culture practically REWARDED IT by making a glamour girl out of one of these spies! Perhaps treason would have been extreme in some of these cases, but clearly we have enemies, enemies that are working to undermine the USA, our economy, our military, and our foreign policy goals. 

We even have people here that are actively working to support terrorists, and this is tip of the iceberg:


Is it that treason no longer exists, or that we refuse to call it as it is, and just do not want to identify those who are working to destroy us?  Obviously treason still takes place, but today we are conditioned to tolerate it, and if that does not change, it will be our demise that results.  After the destruction of Senator Joe McCarthy our political class lost the will to identify and stop the enemies within.  We permitted the communist/collectivists to infest and infiltrate our government.  We now know McCarthy was right, but the damage to him served as a warning, a threat to anyone who dared call out our domestic enemies, it has been powerful and effective.


I say charge George Soros with Treason, the evidence is aplenty, that would likely lead to many others also going down with him.  His many minions are complicit in his nefarious plans, and many of them are inside our government system.  They greatly influence or control the many agencies of our federal government. Our long blindness, our blissful ignorance, our inept, sometimes complicit political class has permitted it to get this far.  It is now going to take drastic efforts by the PEOPLE to exert the pressure needed to restore this nation.  We have no choice but to do this or to give up our liberty, the choice is being presented to us, we need to choose sides.

US Constitution says:

” SECTION 3. Clause 1. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open court.”

Here are just 3 of many, many Soros stories:




By declaring the USA as the obstacle to your big world government agenda, then acting to undermine the foundations and economy of the US, well I don’t know how you can NOT say that at least is “adhering to our enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort”.  We are at War, but even there we have been conditioned to not ever call war, war (man caused disasters and oversees contingency operations, you know)!  We were attacked, our enemies despise us and aim to destroy us by pulling apart our foundation, that foundation is our unalienable individual right to LIBERTY!  We are under attack, it is all around, and that many choose to ignore the attack does not make it any less real, it only makes it all the more damaging and effective against our liberty!  We already have the presumption of guilt when attempting to travel on an airline, how far with this go? 

We can permit free speech, and have intellectual battles about ideas, but when the collectivists use the force of government to attack the fundamental unalienable rights of individuals promised in the Declaration and persevered with the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, it is no longer speech, it is then actions, actions that ought to be stopped and punished as the role of our government is first and foremost to SECURE those rights, not destroy them!   It is up to US, the people, WE are meant to direct the course of OUR nation.  We are to hold are representatives accountable to do their duty: to honor the Oath of Office to DEFEND the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!  We need to make sure they follow-through and live by that oath: that is OUR job.

Yes the founders were concerned about British abuse of the charge of treason, so they set a high standard in our Constitution, but they were not condemning us to national suicide!  It is IN the US CONSTITUTION precisely because they knew that the Constitution and this nation would have enemies, even amongst our own population, and at times they would need to be dealt justice for their treason!

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