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Fake Christians: Are some posing as Christians to Demean Real Christians and for Profit?

Posted by mrfixit on November 16, 2010

Ok, we have fake Tea Party candidates, Fake Conservatives, Fake Republicans, I guess fake Democrats (or rather the now the real ones have been driven from that party, all that is left is fake!)


Well, we have plenty of Fake Christians!  These nut cases at the Westboro (supposed) Baptist Church are not Christian, they are radical anti-American activists.

At least they got the reception they earned on this one:


Now, what even the blaze and many in the news forget to remind us is who the kook leader of this group is, who funds them, who are they for real?  With all the Soros front groups out there, you’d think it high time to look into such details!

Well, I did.  Previously and found the leader has a history of political activity as a DEMOCRAT, you’d think that may be worth noting…

“Phelps has been an active contributor to the Democratic Party and was enthusiastic supporter of Al Gore for President in 1988.[5] Phelps’s son, Fred Phelps, Jr., also served as a delegate for Gore.


And this pull quote nails it: “Despite efforts by leftists to link Phelps to the Religious Right, Phelps refers to Christian conservatives as “People who have gone a whoring after strange gods.” Phelps preaching has much in common with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.”

Now, I’d really like to know where he gets his funding!  George Soros front group perhaps?  Seems a likely cause for Soros, but has anyone looked into it?

Maybe this is it; they are a bunch of lawyers!?  Well if so, that would explain the party of lawyers not wanting to look into it!


So what does a nut like Fred Phelps, Jeremiah Wright, Progressive radicals, Gay rights radicals, and collectivists in general all have in common?

They ALL espouse beliefs that are inflammatory and are spouted from leaders of no real moral authority.  They all claim to speak as if they have the authority and special insight of God, or claim to be God by denial of his authority!

You see THAT is the root of the evil we must fight, and that is what binds these seemingly unrelated nut cases.  They all either claim to be privileged to cast judgment upon others by a false self appointed perspective of moral superiority.

I can see my critics now saying, but you do the same, NO, I cast opinion and judgment on actions people take, but do not attempt to speak for, or as God.  I make no claim of automatic moral superiority.  I learned from life experiences, and continue to learn.  That which I have learned to be wrong from verifiable experience, I will call as such, of that I can not be sure, I’ll call it as such.  I do not attempt to prescribe for others what they must believe.  Faith is a personal thing, and is ONLY genuine if attained by self examination and self commitment.  Faith by external force is not faith – that would be called tyranny!

A real Christian is taught to love all sinners, as we are all sinners, but to hate SIN.  That is a big distinction.  We all will face judgment, but it is not any of us who will know the outcome of that judgment.  That is reserved for God alone, not us.

More background on the con man Fred Phelps:


The legal battle to end up in the Supreme Court:



The radical LEFT wing lawyer agitators, well they are pure scum, now they vow to “protest”, really AGITATE, at the funerals for the victims shot in the Congresswoman Giffords assassination/massacre:


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