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Appeals Court Unanimously upholds the “under God” part of the Pledge of Allegiance

Posted by mrfixit on November 16, 2010

No kidding, the establishment part of the first amendment is not actually a ban on any reference to God!  Well since the “creator” is a clear inspiration for the basis of unalienable rights to individuals, and it is quite clear, you’d think this completely obvious, but not to all.  To some that foundation itself is an obstacle, and as such they fight even the most obvious, hoping for an activist judge to conform to their twisted anti-god religion.  In extreme irony, but trying to recast history, it is the atheist activist that aims to FORCE his religion upon others make no mistake, it is a religion.

Now, the under God does not force religion because no force is used to make people say it, and it refers to the very historical facts that divine inspiration was very much a factor in the foundation of this nation, so for an unbeliever they could simply come to the understanding that it is historical (I once did this, so I know!), others might understand that element of history was likely both inspiration and divine providence that allowed this nation to come into independence against all odds.


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