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Vote by Mail: Is this the progression toward a system where it won’t be voters that matter, but those who count the vote?

Posted by mrfixit on November 15, 2010

I’ve got to say, vote by mail is convenient, but is there a serious downside to this system?

Here is one who thinks so:


Washington State is also vote by mail now, and isn’t it amazing at how close the elections are these days.  Perhaps it is mere coincidence, but how do you really know your actual ballot was counted, and not maybe some other ballot in its place?

You see, in the old system there was some ability to have poll watchers keeping it honest.  Competing sides all watched and each kept the other in check.

Well, how is that done when it now takes weeks to count all the ballots? Do volunteers actually have the time to stay posted at the county offices for weeks at a time ensuring there are no shenanigans with the ballots?

No, obviously the long delay makes the potential for fraud go from a front entry door size opening to a double wide garage door opening for fraud.

I love the detractors, they will say there is no proof, and to that they may have a point, but how in the heck does one get proof in this all mail system?  There is no way to verify anything.  Ballots could be filled in by anyone, and they could have multiple ballots each, there is no way to know.  It becomes a system much more difficult to ensure integrity.  This with opponents that have a record of fraud, and well you get the picture.



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