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How do we know our Enemies, and how do we know our allies?

Posted by mrfixit on November 15, 2010

First let me start with the easy, let your enemies inform you on who is most dangerous by how they fiercely attack those who are effective against their plans.  In a world where corruption, self-interest and deception run rampant, it can be confusing, especially in the political realm to know a friend or foe, but the enemy will reliably attack those most effective, unwavering and dedicated in the cause against them.   Those they can defeat co-opt or partially control, well they’ll likely give them enough leeway to survive; this gives them the cover an area of grey to operate under.

OK, then the hard part, how to ID your enemies, the ones that seek to take away your liberty, those that seek to control you, and have your labor used to profit them without your consent.  This is to deny your individual unalienable rights, for whatever reason, normally cloaked in the good intentions of serving the “greater good”.  

Well, that can be more challenging, but there is a litmus test.   The founders of this great nation set a foundation for us that has endured and created massive prosperity and freedom advances the world over. The foundation has the key ingredients that work, and that are best for all.  The most basic of these is, again:  The idea of our individual rights, natural rights, granted by our creator, secured by a government of LIMITED power.  So, look at what they say, and what they do.  If they seek to expand the government beyond its Constitutional limits, well that is a solid indicator, if they deny the idea of unalienable rights for an individual, well that is an indicator.  The most common way to see the denial of individual rights is the attempt to place a group of individuals in a class, race, religion, etc, and then assume them all equal, and pit them against another group.  This assumes a group has rights that supersede those individual natural rights, this is to deny the individual entirely, and as such should be rejected.  It is but a tool of those that would destroy this nation’s foundation, or in other words the label of the enemy.

So in summary, an enemy does not support the principals that are the foundation of this nation, a friend is one who is fiercely attacked by our enemies, and stands in protection of our liberties as set forth in the founding of this nation.

So, does this mean our foundation prevents those who were/are enemies from living amongst us?  Well, at least in the early days following independence, it did, the loyalists were sent packing and their assets were seized.  But since those days freedom allows those who even hate this nation and its system of freedom, to bask in the very freedom they despise, how ironic is that? 

No, we don’t have to eliminate or even exile these enemies, what we have to do is not let them be in charge or let them fundamentally transform us!  You see, we take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution – the fulfillment of the promise of the Declaration of Independence.   As such we do have a position, there is a clear contrast; it is not all shades of grey.  Those that oppose the Constitution are enemies (either willingly and intentionally, or by ignorance), and as such have no legitimate claim to government office or trust.  We as INFORMED free citizens and voters have duty to not put them there, or to remove them by recall, impeachment or the next election, even better, never put them there in the first place!   Well, and that is the challenge, an INFORMED citizenry – Oh, how far we have fallen from that concept…

We must bring it back.


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