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Environmental Whackos and Terrorists

Posted by mrfixit on November 15, 2010

While the far “right” is targeted as a potential violent threat, without evidence, the REAL danger is ignored:  Left wing radical groups that openly use violence to further their cause.

DHS targets Veterans, and Ron Paul supporters:


Here is an example of enviro-whackos in the Pacific Northwest who were holding up banks!


Another recent story, animal rights activists try to free captive dear during hunting season!


(of note the Seattle PI who has the story, took its link down, you know protect their friends from humiliation!)

Or how about ELF (Earth Liberation Front) and ALF (Animal Liberation Front).  Ever hear about them?  They have used violent means to further their agendas, and have no issue with massive property damage:



These violent extremists are anti-human activists!  (Sure they will say they try not to target people, but it is only a matter of time before they take that next step…Clearly the earth and animals are more important to them than humans!)

Previous post:


By the way, one of the ELF dudes did his final anti-human act once placed in prison, he committed suicide.  At least he deserves credit of leading by example, now will the rest of the anti-human activists follow that lead and end their hypocrisy!?

No, I’m not wishing them death, I’m asking them to be consistent, or WISE UP and end the irrational anti-human crusade!  I’m really for the WISE up option, since I’m NOT anti-human.  I actually am just violent and crazy enough to believe each human being is a miracle gift from God, but after that some go to the land of the lost, the land of delusion and well – evil. I’d like them to come back into civil society!

Oh, in a related story, environmentalists complain about Sarah Palin being too close to Bears in a new show!  Yes, apparently they will invent a way to complain about Sarah Palin or any freedom loving conservative who might dare place human life about the environment and animals.  Make no mistake that is what drives these self-loathing nasty people, they despise human freedom, they want to control everyone else and make them conform to their priorities, or they would like to have them eliminated entirely.


But they really hate that Sarah Palin gets record ratings and always draws massive crowds!



Here the animal lovers send HIV infected razor blades to a resercher!:



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