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Can a Free Nation Survive if it is blind and can’t see its own enemies?

Posted by mrfixit on November 15, 2010

On my prior PC post I discussed the issue of turning us all into guilty until proven innocent as a PC way to prevent use of actual discrimination against the enemy.


Discrimination!  That has become a dirty word, but why?

Is it not good to discriminate?  Not the racial kind, which is OBVIOUSLY WRONG!

I’m talking about when you make a purchase, say a car.  Don’t you discriminate against all the cars you choose NOT to buy?

Yes you do, just as it would be wise to discriminate between your friends and your enemies.

Well, today that may seem harsh, I know in the PC world there are to be no enemies, but that is all so convenient and useful to those of really dark and evil plans.  They can thrive in a system that does not permit distinction and discrimination of right and wrong, good and evil.  This is the cloud of grey the need to thrive.

We are told it is wrong to judge, wrong to call an act immoral, we are told to not take a stand or have an opinion.  We are to tolerate everything, then when we get to tolerance, we are pushed further to not only tolerate but to actually ACCEPT everything we’d normally consider immoral.

 Do you see where this leads?

This leads to the complete disruption and likely destruction of civilized society!  This is the undoing of us all. 

When we reach the point where the masses no longer have the ability to judge right from wrong, good from evil, then it all falls apart.

If Americans don’t wake up and realize that there are enemies of freedom amongst us, even in political positions of power, and learn to fight back for FREEDOM, we’ll be doomed.  The ability to discern an enemy is absolutely the first step into defeating an enemy.  Those that must operate in shadows because the light of truth would display them as enemies, those that fight to maintain the grey fog, the PC non-judgmental, anything goes morality, those are the enemies, or accomplices of our enemies.  They need to be disinfected with the light of truth.

Here is but one example, a man who would say “defensive Jihad” is acceptable, but water boarding of terrorists by GW Bush should lead to a War Crimes prosecution.  Can you think of a situation more outrageous showing a complete lack of discernment of real evil vs. bogus complaints?


Only those capable of seeing the enemy have any chance of survival.  How are we doing on that front?


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