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A Nightmare is also a “Dream”: The Dream Act is a Nightmare

Posted by mrfixit on November 15, 2010

Do you think there would be support for a bill titled “give away free benefits to people who broke the law and do not pay the taxes that fund government”?

No, and sorry about my lame title attempt, but I hope it make the point.

In congress they are likely to fast track the “Dream Act” and it sounds so warm and fuzzy.  It is supposed to help the “children” and who could be against that!


Of course what they don’t tell you is that it basically rewards people who do not abide by the law!   Why should that be a shock at this point, even our Congress and elected representatives largely don’t take the law seriously, in particular the CONSTITUTION and the LIMITS it places on their power!

You see, once you take the road of rewarding those who break the rules, there is no easy end to that cycle.  Soon everyone want a special handout, then there is nothing left to handout, it breaks the system, and that is EXACTLY what they are planning. 

If you have not read the radical ramblings of these people you need to catch up.  The plan is to change the foundation of our system, and THEY say it will require a complete and total collapse and chaos in order to bring about such change.

Here is a sample from my reading list:


Just because they had some set back in the election, that will not stop them.  They are charging full speed ahead, and your future freedom and prosperity are targets for them to destroy.  Either wake up engage in defense, or be consumed in the destruction they have planned.

I can’t say this forceful enough:  Tough times are ahead, you need to be part of the forces fighting for freedom and the civil society.  They are out to destroy us, and their lack of restraint allows any means to fight you, while you must be honest, peaceful and restrained.   We can win, by education, ours are the ideas that are true and just, theirs are the ideas that are lies and deception, and history proves this over and over.  We MUST reach out and educate our family, friends and neighbors, and then they must do same.   This is a battle of ideas, and it would be best if KEPT that way.

The Dream Act is merely one more step pushing us to the edge of total system collapse and chaos, the type of environment where new foundations can be set, and they have one in mind, but your freedom and your prosperity are NOT part of the plan in that new system.


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