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McCarthyism: An Active Defense Against Domestic Enemies of the US Constitution

Posted by mrfixit on November 12, 2010

We all have come to hear the term, McCarthyism, always used in a negative portrayal of Senator Joe McCarthy and his anti-communist efforts.

Well, ever consider that perhaps he was an aggressive fighter working to uphold his oath of office to defend this nation against all enemies foreign and domestic?

Ever wonder if those accused were actually found to be agents for a brutal communist regime?

Well, as it turns out, McCarthy was correct!   Yes, surprise!

This article by Discovery (not a known conservative source) even admits McCarthy was correct, his targets WERE found to be Soviet agents!


There was an effort, and IS, TODAY, AN EFFORT to undermine this nations foundation and “fundamentally transform” it into a totally new system.




That transformation is at odds with our founding principle of unalienable God given rights, secured by a limited government.  Yes, we continue to have domestic enemies today, but we have been so conditioned with PC to not have the skills to discriminate friend from foe!   

We have those that would threaten patriots for display of the US Flag:


Are we conditioned to permit them to operate in plain sight without our notice?

Have we created the environment where PC allows no discernment of friend or foe?  Do we not seem to permit even the most horrendous people to function openly, even within our government, where they are SUPPOSED to uphold and defend the Constitution.  Do we not re-elect politicians who openly say they don’t consider the Constitution then pass legislation that clearly infringes or destroys the limits so established in that Constitution?

We do, we have, and it is from our collective ignorance.  That ignorance has be specifically engineered by those working to destroy this nations foundation!   It is not by accident.

You see, it has somehow become “partisan” to stand for this nation’s founding principles, how can the principles promised in the Declaration, then preserved by the Constitution have ever become “partisan”?

It is from PC we are not permitted to actually call an enemy an enemy!


The concepts of a utopian society have been seeded in the minds of many, these people support ideas that are impossible, but sound great.  You know, food for all, shelter for all, healthcare for all, free everything, of course provided by Government.  These same drones have no perspective to understand the danger, which comes when someone, eventually everyone (except for a tiny elite), become slaves to the government system to provide this supposedly utopian society the means to deliver what ultimately is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve.

So, today we have a political debate which literally has become those FOR the Constitution, limited Government, and INDIVIDUAL unalienable rights, and those who are AGAINST those ideas.  Sure, they might not be so bold to directly say as much, but they do say it, but you must study them, observe the methods used to employ their ideas.  See my prior post on Communist Countries:


They create mass dependence upon government.  Welfare, Social Security, Healthcare.  When the government takes over a sector, it destroys any private sector competition, this leaves the masses with no choice and the dependence on government is leveraged to expand these programs indefinitely, if they are ever threatened, there is the potential for catastrophe, since the alternatives have been effectively eliminated.

They promote confiscatory rates of taxation, then distribute the wealth to obtain power, influence and the grease the wheels of ever more power and control.

They constantly demean and disrespect the successful INDIVIDUAL.  They detest the free market capitalist “system”.  See my comment about capitalism, it is not really a “system” it is really the absence of a system, it is FREEDOM!


You see, if you boil it all down to the most fundamental level, it is about the FREEDOM of each individual.  Some are for it, some against it.

Freedom demands responsibility.  This nation is founded on unalienable, natural (God given) rights to each and every human being.  That foundation is inherently impossible to control by other men.  It is meant to be controlled by a higher inspiration, it was meant to be controlled by GOD.

Now, the founders knew we were not perfect, as Madison puts it:

(Madison, Federalist 51):

“It may be a reflection on human nature that such devices* should be necessary to control the abuses of government. But what is Government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.”

*(separate powers, checks and balances in government to prevent too much power concentration)

So, we create a system that has checks and balances on power in recognition that it is the “system” that poses the greatest threat to the freedom of mankind.  It is other HUMANS that are the perpetrators of abuse upon the unalienable natural (God given) rights!

So today we find the side of more control, more power, more government, all with the cover of good intentions of “helping people”.  But it is a deception, just as with the original deception!

It is literally a trick to gain control and power with the creation of dependence!  It has worked, it may be too late, but I hope and pray for it to be otherwise.

So, was Joe McCarthy a hero or a villain?  I say hero.  He was a man that saw the threat, and acted against it.  He largely held the line against tyranny, while far too many others preferred to by cozy with it.  He took the arrows when others sought a more “reasoned” method.  Well, when you compromise with evil, evil wins.  As Ronald Reagan correctly stated, the Soviet Union was an evil empire.  Communism is evil because it leads to the enslavement of men.  It defies the natural God given unalienable rights that permit LIBERTY.  A system that creates dependence and serfdom is evil.  A “system” that is not a system at all, but is liberty itself, that is good, and that is what this nation was founded upon, and that is what must be perpetually defended.

No, I’m not for rounding up Communists and placing them in prison camps, that is what Communists do!  I’m for NOT electing Communists to government office!  It is NOT possible to be a communist and support and defend the US Constitution.  It is NOT POSSIBLE.  You cannot support two agendas and be true to both; you have to lie to one or both!


Communists are free to have their views, but they have no right to use FORCE to implement their will and impose their system upon anyone.  But, when in power they do impose their will upon others, and with brutal force!  History is very clear on this, why must we continue to repeat it over and over.


I love this, patriotic Bikers respond to the boy told be school to not fly the US flag, and escort US flag carrying boy to school!  Go Bikers!



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