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Poor Performance of GOP in Washington, result of ineffective top down leadership…

Posted by mrfixit on November 11, 2010

I can tell you, there is much truth in this article.  WSRP Leadership missed a huge opportunity.


The perception that we must lay low and not engage the progressive to be liked is a deception that is doomed to failure.  The WSRP had a great platform, a great convention, but it did not seize the rising tide and energy.  At multiple levels they worked top down and had limited if any effectiveness, when it should have been bottom up, engagement of the base by providing resources and ideas then let the base do the magic.  It does not work top down, but the leaders did not seem to grasp that, and an opportunity was lost.

We need to engage and be bold about our ideas, they are CORRECT; the founding principle rooted in the fundamental concept of unalienable individual rights, rights to life, liberty and private property.  We are standing for all when we stand to protect the smallest minority, the individual.  We are the ones that understand taking by force from a producer and giving to a person unwilling to produce is not compassion, it is theft.  Our ideas are intellectually superior and honest, it is our enemies that lie and make false promises of utopia and create mass dependence and serfdom! 

There is no reason to not stand firm, make our case and when good decent citizens hear it, they will be on our side in overwhelming majority, EVEN in Western Washington.  Those that now follow the Democrats, well most don’t really appreciate what it is they are really for, we need to tell them, and it is available for all to see in their own words!

In the end, we need people to wake up and do at least some homework to find out who they are voting for, but the GOP with a strong grassroots movement can go far in facilitating this effort.


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