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Is Seattle Really “Exporting” poor people?

Posted by mrfixit on November 10, 2010

This is classic.  At first read this seems very well backed analysis of a trend of poor leaving the inner city and the inner city becoming more single with no kids, and even wealthier.

Well, is it the case the poor are exported, or is it that they vote with their feet?  The author of course assumes a nefarious agenda to “export “poor, but is it also a possibly that the poor are rejecting the busy body elite, rich snob progressives and their supposed great utopian City they try to create?


Could it be that parents of all backgrounds are finding the Seattle climate hostile to raising children, so they seek to move into more friendly territory?

Well, consider that a Seattle Firefighter once told me that Seattle has many more pets than children, and the Seattle FD is now trained to rescue same, as demanded by the population, and well you might start to see the picture.

Raising children is a massive financial commitment, so those who have children will naturally appear poor when compared to those who do not, now combine this with those in multiple income homes and no children and you see a massive disparity in disposable income.  Those left can pay the massive costs associated with the city, perhaps that does price the poor out, but it is only part of a larger picture.  Families like space and security, often the two are tied.  Big cities are just not good for either.  Now, I’d contend the trend is not as much forced as it is voluntary.

But here is what should outrage people, the Seattle elite and the State elite like to push the tax burden for the unsustainable city out to the areas where these “poor” people flee from those high costs!  Just look at the tolling and the “HOT” lanes on SR 167 for proof.  While they attempt to flee, the elites follow to drain them of more of cash, while propping up the supposed great city they had sought to leave behind.

That is my take anyway.  It is not unique to Seattle either.  Most major cities look for ways to tax commuter’s who attempt to get out of the death grip of the declining morality and hostile environment for children that has come to dominate our inner city culture. 

But perhaps this is really is nefarious and intentional, as progressive and far left wing as Seattle is, it might just be intentional to drive out families with children, after all the progressive has as allies and friends the anti-human activists and environmental extremists!


Well, at least the elite progressives like the way it is, the UK telegraph just loves what is happening in Seattle, and that would include the new near childless and lack of poor, character.  Just great, isn’t it?



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