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Massive Inflation is coming: Protect yourself, get away from CASH investments – NOW!

Posted by mrfixit on November 9, 2010

Alright, first let me say I cannot be certain, but I also cannot ignore what seems now inevitable.

If you print too much money, and there is no actual creation of wealth to match, then it follows that the value of money must go down. 

It is not money that we value!  We value what we use money to buy; money is only a go between, making commerce easier. 

This allows you to make money to buy food.  At points long since past we worked to produce food, but found that specialization allowed for some to make extra food, some to make tools, or to make clothes, etc, then we could trade the extra products for the extra products others had.

Well, this gets difficult in direct trade and barter.  You had to find just what you wanted and then hope you had something to trade the other guy would take.

So, to make this easier, they began to use coins, gold and other universally recognized things of value as go between products in trade.

Well enter today, we no longer have a gold standard, so we trade money, but the money is paper, or in many cases data bits in a computer that indicates money!

It is imaginary now.  It only has value since we are still valuing it.  If we have not created more value, more goods, more services of value, more labor, more physical worth, then how can we create more money to trade?

Well, it is monopoly money!  It is backed by nothing.  When the ponzi scheme comes to an end, those still holding the worthless money will be the biggest losers!

Yep, it is the biggest con of all time, perpetrated in broad daylight.

The reason the rest of the world is upset about our excessive printing of money is it devalues the money they have invested in the US, their trade imbalance – The US national debt.  It literally destroys the worth of what they have in cash, and no one wants to be the last guy to get out, but no one wants to draw first either, the economies are now so interconnected. 

So, what we have is a massive bubble, the elites all know it.  They know they are sitting on potential massive piles of US cash that is really worthless, but none wants to admit it, since it will cause a collapse.  At the same time, they are all sitting on a hair trigger to call the bluff, because the first one to dump the dollar will suffer least, but all will take some serious pain. So what you have is a powder keg, economic collapse just on the edge of implosion.

How can we be sure the elites know this?  Look at what they are doing, buying gold and commodities at record rates!  This is because those things have real value!  They will survive inflation, as they will adjust to reality, the dollar bubble will deflate. 

So why is this not being trumpeted from the tallest building? – They don’t want panic, they want time to get to a secure place and that leaves you… Well that leaves those unprepared to bear the deepest wounds in the collapse.  Where will you be?

Here is what is coming in Food prices, oh, in case you did not notice; your grocery bill has already gone up, perhaps as much as 30% over last year, already!  I bet you also have seen some energy price hikes, out here in WA, I have seen over 15% for power.

The government is saying there is no inflation, but in reality it is about 10%, at least.  And this is only the beginning.

Here is an article predicting food price inflation:


Ok, so what can you do? 

It is up to you.  I don’t know for sure what is best, but I’ll offer my path as an example, I hope I’m right, but there are no guarantees.

I took much of what I had saved in stocks and cash and purchased things of value.  The largest purchase was some land that I now have free and clear, no loan.  Sure it has limited use now, but there is no loan, so it can be used, or developed, or later sold.  But it is tangible and real, and with no house, no maintenance at this point.  I picked a place that is secure, good climate, low population density, perhaps a good vacation spot, or future homestead.

But this was not the first purchase.  My first was sufficient ammunition and firearms.  No, I have no plans to use them, unless under attack and in defense, but there is no reason to have physical property in a crisis scenario if there is no way to defend what you have.  Those that are armed will be able to take what they need, so you need to be ready to defend your own.

Next, I have purchased some extra food supplies and have on hand some crisis supplies, this is recommended even for a possible earthquake, or volcanic eruption, or major winter storm.  In any case, having purchased before the massive inflation will be a wise investment, and provide some level of security.

Now, one must also consider the long term, be prepared to learn how to be ever more self-sufficient.  Network; get to know your neighbors.  Be prepared to work together and help each other when needed, it could become vital.  I started a Home Owners Association, and we have been able to do work parties to maintain our neighborhood.  This is a great way to get things done.

Most of all find your faith; I have to say it – pray.  Ok, if you don’t have faith I can only say this, you are likely going to have a tougher road ahead.  The trying times will stress those who have no rock of comfort even more than those who do.  I’ll pray a little more for you!  

Previous warning post(s):



More Data:

Denial!  CNBC, can they say “than expected” more often in one article?  You see, this is all good for us, the devalue of the dollar, that is.  But if we are not making much of what we consume, won’t that mean we have to pay more and have less?  YES, but that is the plan you see, and they don’t bother to tell you this.  This is classic lull you to think all is just fine, nothing to be concerned about, while the elites are positioning themselves to safe ground hoping you’ll stay put!



Inflation is HERE, how much higher will it go? 


How about $15 chocolate bars?


Well, they say from low pay producers are stopping production, but is that not the same as worthless pay, or money that has ever diminishing value…


Well, perhaps the only chance we might have is the other major Economies taking the hit first and keeping the US looking good in comparison.  Germany is getting harsh treatment in the EU for not opening its financial resources to bail out the more irresponsible countries in the EU:


The progressives are calling it, and WELCOMING the collapse!:


I cannot confirm the validity of the investment advice in this, but the background material is very convincing and based on what IS happening right now, this is a wakeup call:



Hyperinflation as recent as 2008:



Inflation, it is here, and we are only in the early stages, it will get worse.

Even this story downplays the significance of what is going on, an it also uses core inflation to lull the reader into thinking all is OK, but when you have to eat and heat your home or fuel your car, inflation is REAL you can’t exclude those prices and feel good, you’re getting hosed.



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