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Decline of Civilization: The efforts to disrupt the fundamental building blocks – the family units

Posted by mrfixit on November 9, 2010

Folks this is just a start for this post, but the efforts to disrupt the successful cohesive enduring nuclear family unit have been ongoing and effective.  As the most basic building block of society, this effort has enormous potential for massive calamity and chaos.  We see so many examples of this each day in the news.

Well, this will be a growing post, but for now consider the risk to society when more and more women choose not to become mothers.  That does in effect destroy the family unit!  It is up by 80% since the 1970’s!


So, some might say it is better if irresponsible people choose not to have children, and yes superficially that makes perfect sense, but does that also not possibly perpetuate irresponsibility?

How many people BECOME responsible out of the necessity of caring for and raising children?  Is that not a life changing event the completely shifts perspectives?

Is it that we have becomes more and more selfish, and as such many don’t want to make the selfless sacrifice needed to care for and raise children?  Are we too busy with our parties, our careers, our money, our travel, our hobbies, whatever, to bother putting it on hold to do the work, and experience the joy of raising children.

You see, how often do you hear it as a JOY to raise children?  Not often.  Now days it is almost all negative all the time, we have spoiled many children, and as such they have been portrayed in movies, TV, etc.  It has been both portrayal and become all too often reality.  Is it by accident?

Now, here is a story about texting linked to other activities like drugs and sex amongst children:


BUT that misses the main point, which is really one about effective parental involvement in the lives of their children.  The more permissive and hands off the parents are, the more trouble the children get into.

Societal pressures to have both parents work, leaving the children to be raised by others, in institutions, where social interactions on a large scale are often promoted a vital priority, when perhaps small scale family interactions in the early years ought really be the priority, well is that not perhaps a more logical root cause of problem children?  They grow up too fast without the proper perspective passed on by responsible involved parents, then we marvel that they struggle so much in the chaos it all creates.

More Data:

Pedophile book on Amazon.com, I’m speechless:


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