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PC is going to destroy Society, if it has not already done so…

Posted by mrfixit on November 8, 2010

This notion that we need to strip search, irradiate, or grope all passengers is beyond stupid, it may be a symptom of in process national suicide!  


This comes largely from the idiotic notion that we cannot have any terrorist profile and specifically screen on elevated risk factors, such as the wearing of Muslim attire, or perhaps the young male profile, or even perhaps the guy has a FATHER who says his son is a TERRORIST, hello underwear bomber!

Or perhaps that Major Hassan is a threat based on MANY complaints by other officers – no, in these cases we cannot profile. 

So, in order to be secure, we now are PRESUMED guilty, and go through such invasive procedure to prove innocence.

This comes from Politically Correct policy, a policy that attempts to put all people in a fog of all grey area, where we cannot make informed decision based on patterns that the evil, dangerous criminals and terrorists repeat, over and over.  Sure they do come up with new ideas; the notion of a perfect security is as flawed as the notion of utopia!

However, we do know the characteristics we have seen thus far, and to refuse to acknowledge is only giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  The enemy LOVES the PC, all things are a shade of grey environment we create.  We INVITE attack when we do this, but worse, they win without attack as we destroy ourselves with infringements of liberty by our own institutions!

They have systems, today, in place that can be used to near instantly scan multiple law enforcement databases from a simple bar code ID check.  Why don’t they allow such a person who checks out to be presumed innocent?  Many of the 9/11 hijackers were on suspended student visa, not even here legally!  We could even allow volunteer background checks and special IDs for those considered low risk, it can be done, but they don’t do it, why?

You see, this is not only about airport security; it is a trend in society in general.  We are conditioned to not discriminate between good and evil.  We are being conditioned to be mindless drones led by arrogant elites who make promises to protect us, but are in incapable of performing that impossible task!

Those that would do evil, cannot perform their deeds in the light of day, they cannot be effective when there is sufficient contrast between what is right and wrong, or what is good and what is evil.  They are able to work in daylight only when the masses are conditioned to NOT know how to discern the good from the bad, when everything is accepted as only a shade of grey.  In this climate it is difficult to detect all but the most extreme cases of evil, all others are hidden in the grey haze, and we are left as would be victims and only figure it out when it is too late to stop the damage.

PC has become the method to maintain this system of grey, this system that permits the truly bad actors from being identified and properly ignored and prevented from attainment of power.  We will always have them, but we should not be celebrating or promoted such people and actions to facilitate their ruthless quest of corruption and destruction on civil society.

No, I’m NOT saying all Muslims are terrorists, but we do know that ALL 19 on 9/11 WERE, and all did fit a profile, all should have been stopped by a simple questioning attitude!  This pattern is NOT new for 9/11 it goes back decades…

We do know there have been NO attacks here from 2 and 9 year old girls traveling with mom, or grandma, and we know that PILOTS are not the threat, and if they were there is NO screening at the airport that could stop them, making that screening futile and ridiculous!

You see, what few will tell you is our conditioning to be compliant and unquestioning was an unwilling accomplice with the 3 out of 4 airplane missile attacks on 9/11.  We trained our people to sit back and comply with demands of hijackers!  I know this; I was trained specifically in 1997 as a Navy Force Protection Officer.  I remember it well, being told that you should pick a window seat, keep your military ID hidden, travel on a tourist passport, and NOT interfere or attempt to thwart a hijacker.  You were literally being told to be a coward! 

I was outraged then, little did I know exactly how right I was to be so at the time.  To me, resistance was my DUTY as a military member when in captivity, not to be suicidal, but to thwart the enemy as much as reasonably possible, to look for a way, but also as a good citizen.  I complained then, and the answer was that the US Navy diver that was killed in Beirut in the 1980’s for resisting, well he might have lived if he had only complied.  That was the reply!  That man was a HERO, but it was portrayed in training that he was a fool. 



There is no way that 3-5 people with box-cutters should have been able to subdue an entire plane, and as we saw, when the end game was known, heroes rose to the challenge and ended the 4th attack before it could reach a target.  Yet we still are concerned about compliance and staying in out of the way seating when traveling, and that is STILL being taught today!

So where does this leave us?  As individuals in this nation, we are being conditioned to be compliant, condition to accept what should be UNACCEPTABLE.  This for the false promise of security, meanwhile those who are the real threats are ignored in plain sight as we are conditioned to accept the PC world of all shades of grey.  If we don’t wake up and reject all of this, and FAST, well, it is going to get much uglier before and if we are able to recover this time.

We must be able to discriminate against our ENEMIES! That means we must be able to identify what makes a person an enemy, and when they act, preferably before when possible then stop/prosecute them.  If we don’t ID, then don’t prosecute, they will destroy us in plain sight.

Ask this?  Our government and our military personnel all take oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, but do they have any idea or training to discriminate a domestic or foreign enemy from and innocent? – NO, there is none!  It is actually the exact opposite, often trained to not discern anyone or anything as an enemy, until under physical attack!

Our schools sure don’t cover the information needed, so that leaves us with a system that either assumes no enemies, or all enemies!  This is how you either get presumed guilty, or live is anarchy and chaos.

And it gets worse, as I looked into links, did you know that the terrorist killers continued for years, and some have even been released a freed from prison, and are back on the loose! 

You see, this will be to the western world’s demise.  9/11 was NOT the first salvo; it only awoke us, if only for a short time.  Now we are again in slumber, placing our own citizens in jeopardy by refusing to deal with reality.

Man who killed the US Navy Diver released and on the loose:



After many years, it looks like Israel finally did what needed to be done:



Finally a union doing something right! Sort of…


While it is good to see them resist, they don’t really seem too concerned about the passengers, so the typical union us or them attitude is on full display!  If they can get a pass, why not others who are easily verified as not a threat?!

Now, Lies are Lies, propaganda is propaganda.  Some of the claims may seem extreme, maybe a bit exaggerated, but certainly there is SOME abuse taking place.  But the TSA official line is all is well, there are no problems, we are perfect and professional – BS!



Man refuses, and it told he could face fines if not screened, even if he leaves and does not fly!



The DANGEROUS 3 year old:  (all guilty until proven innocent, PC crap!)


I like this one, Abolish the TSA entirely:


Let’s not forget that the TSA was a gross over-reaction pushed by pro-big government Democrat Progressives and Big business, and yes the AIRLINES themselves!

Before TSA, the airlines directly paid for security!  Now YOU the taxpayer directly pay, and the airlines pay only in an indirect way, so it is basically a subsidy for the airlines.  Even the taxpayer that does not fly is paying part of the burden!  See the post of income taxation as the road to serfdom:


The TSA is not remotely a federal power that can be tied to Constitutional limits.  It does not fit; it is a gross stretch to even try.  Get rid of it!  Tell the airlines and airport authorities what the minimum security must be, then let them again pay for it directly.   Business will better balance the treat to cost ratio and the need for customer service.  There is NO way the TSA can do it better!

Let’s not forget who the elites think is the real threat (full report linked in this article):


Veterans and those with political bumper stickers for Ron Paul!  (Of course Obama stickers are OK?!)

MORE (I’m seeing this post becoming an ever growing saga!):

Child cavity searches, TSA humor? 


Saga continues:

Now they are INSIDE your pants!  Next body probes, there is no end to lunacy when they are bent on and impossible goal:


Dare to fight the tyrants, and they will come after you!  Did you know you gave up rights when you buy an airline ticket?  Do the airlines know this?  Let’s see that in their next ad campaign!


No, we can’t and won’t store or transmit images, the machines can’t do that!  Sure, the official line is an obvious lie. They really think we are all idiots!  (Sure some are, but NOT all).  Well the images that cannot be saved or transmitted have been saved and transmitted:


This will be a good test of GOP resolve, will they follow-thru and abolish the TSA?  Hope so…


Finally another pundit that calls this as I did, as a sick outcome of PC run out of control!  They add a great video clip of a TSA official that admits it is a 4th Amendment violation, that he says must be done!


And one commenter suggests this could be to facilitate the lefts new favorite boondoggle: High speed rail.  Maybe he is on to something there!  We know they hate the efficiency and freedom of air travel, and its “carbon footprint”.  It is really an analog for freedom – freedom of movement:  this is another attack on freedom!  Freedom that cannot be replaced by rail, not in the USA with our vast distances.


SNL gets it:


Well, in a related story the SNL add has had at least one satisfied customer: Gloria Allred


The quote on this that hits the mark exactly:

“But if this country is going to sacrifice treating people like human beings in the name of safety, then we have already lost the war.”


If Obama is really this clueless then he is not qualified or suitable to hold his office.

It is HIS ADMINISTRATION that is doing the intrusive full body searches, it is on HIS watch, HE IS responsible, HE can stop it if he wanted to, and that he does not make HIM TO blame for shredding the 4th Amendment of, what other parts of the Constitution has he attacked, or does he ever even consider that it places limits on his power at all?


And here is his henchman explaining the need to lie to the public:


But WAIT! The CEO of the company that makes the naked scanners goes to India at the invite of the President!  Corruption anyone?


Comply or ELSE:



Not to boast, but I NAILED it with my title, TSA admits this is PC, to avoid profiling, we must make people SUFFER:

“Pistole said that while watch lists and other intelligence sources help the TSA pick out travelers who might pose greater risks, rules against profiling mean that some people who are less of a risk, such as the elderly or the disabled, must sometimes undergo pat-downs.“


But, we can lead Navy training with profiling sex offenders as “white males”!


Well, maybe this is not to get us into trains, since they want to do this in the train stations ALSO!


TSA qualifications: pulse, be able to spell TSA…  but criminal record of stalking is no obstacle:


Women beware, the TSA thinks you are especially suspicious at some times in the month!



New trend: Near naked travelers to get through security.  This is not good!



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