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A few words about “agency verification” and the Obama ”Birther” Controversy

Posted by mrfixit on November 8, 2010

***UPDATE:  Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get feedback, and did on this post.  So let me make it very clear here that the actual birth location is not as important as the effort to obscure and deceive.  The inability of the American public to do the job of verification that was their duty, the lack of interest of our media to question some very questionable circumstances surrounding the past of Obama.

That is the focus here.  Whether he was or was not verifiably born in HI is being used as a straw man to create kooks of anyone who would even dare ask the question.  My point is that environment is itself problematic.  We should, by our obligation as informed citizens, be asking such questions, and we should be able to get answers, not legal teams fighting any and all efforts of public disclosure of various aspects of Obama’s past.  We hired a guy without verification of his resume!  We failed, and we are still unable to know who it is we hired!

THAT is the issue, before you cast judgment; I ask you do some homework, as I have done and continue to do.  Read the information, dig for more facts, and seek the original sources yourself.  When you do, then engage with doubts you still have.  You see, we are being conditioned to be docile and compliant in many ways. An engaged, free citizenry that exercises its rights and duties to make INFORMED choices is really what is under attack, they don’t want you to think or question, they: the elites, they want you to comply and follow them blindly.  Refuse to be a drone! ***

OK, we have all by now heard about the controversy about the legitimacy of President Obama as a “Natural Born” US Citizen.

Well, some time ago, still during the campaign of 2008 I had an extensive back and forth on a comment board with a committed liberal on this subject.

Not being one who’d like to even consider the possibility of an entire political party engaging in a massive cover-up to conceal the legitimacy of a candidate, and thinking for sure that the Hillary crowd would pounce on any opportunity, and this would be BIG, I also subscribed this one to a baseless conspiracy theory.  Surely he had to be a legitimate Natural Born US Citizen from Hawaii…

Well, I ask you all to consider this:  How do we know?  Who is responsible to VERIFY the legitimacy of candidates to run for office?

You see, in the back and forth of the debate, the liberal assumed that certainly there had to be some government agency that would make sure this was all OK, it seems plausible at first doesn’t it?

Then what agency would that be?  If there were such an agency, would it not then be the most powerful agency, able to choose for the voters who they could then vote for?  What would then be the power of a vote if you had not ability to participate and choose the available options!

You see, there is NO SUCH AGENCY.  The agency responsible to verify our candidates is YOU, ME, and every citizen voter in the land!  It is US.  But, if that is the case, how do we verify when there is a team of lawyers and millions being spent to conceal and hide documents about Obama?  How can we know, how do we do our job?

Well, it was just not done, so it is POSSIBLE that there is something to this whole controversy.  No full verification was ever done!

For a comparison, I analyzed a copy of my original long form, and my 2007 computer printed certificate of live birth.  The only document produced by Obama was his 2007 certificate of live birth.  There are significant pieces of data NOT on the certificate that are part of the long form.  This is where the contention comes in, and that the Laws of Hawaii actually permit issuance of a certificate even to those NOT born in the state, yes you heard that correctly.  The COLB Certificate is actually not proof of Natural born status.

Here is the link to that state code:


Here is a story that is well documented and backed up with sources:


What’s odd is that the President and his allies have actually used this controversy to label their enemies as “kooks” and it has been largely effective, since so few have actually done any work to look into the actual facts!  They are thriving on our collective ignorance, literally.

Now, it is water under the bridge?  -Sort of.  Does it matter, well yes, but it pales in comparison to signing into law multiple thousand page bills that have been direct attacks on the US Constitution.  It is nothing compared to intentionally driving this nation into economic collapse in order to create the “fundamental transformation” that would leave the Constitution behind and replace it with a system of worldwide governance.   You see, the data is all out in the open.  I don’t have to make anything up, but many are in denial.  No one wants to believe this, even me, but it is all there.

We have a leader who was not verified, and who is now leading us into our own demise to have our nation be just one of many equal world nations in a new, fundamentally transformed world.

He says this, it is in his speeches, and was repeated before the UN.

Here is just one such “gem”:  “No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed.”


So where does this leave us?  Well, all we can do is wake up those still in denial, we need to propel the Tea Party grassroots effort to RESTORE this nation and oppose this transformation.  The 2010 election was not the end, it is the beginning of this effort, and we have NO time to rest.  Much must still be done.

We still know so little about our current President, and more in coming out all the time that should have been reported long ago, why is it only NOW we hear this when it is too late for voting citizens to analyze and decide on the relevance of this information?

We can NO LONGER afford a level of mass collective ignorance.   We must push information and analysis to our family, friends and neighbors and restore common sense from the bottom up.  It is a monumental task, but it MUST be done.

More sources:



Update:  There are bogus e-mails circulating on this topic!

Beware, while there are REAL issues, there are many making stuff up also.  I feel the manufacture of information is to create a sea of grey to conceal the real issues under a cloud of “kook” conspiracy stuff, so don’t partake in the kook stuff, do your homework, make sure you know the truth, then double check that against commonsense, and challenge it again!

Here are 3 examples of attempts to cover real issues with “conspiracy” fiction e-mail forwards:




The truth is damning enough, there is no reason to embellish facts or make stuff up, unless you want to hide in plain sight in the sea of grey confusion.

So here is more, why only now is the NY Times interested in reporting about Obama’s past?  Now, note they do everything possible to put a positive spin on every aspect, but in the spin lies some very prominent facts, and from that you can paint a better picture:


Then there is this, more questions, more data that does not add up:



They perpetuate the issue.  This one has this quote: “Obama and his staff produced copies of his birth certificate when he was running for president in 2008”

This is misleading at best, an outright lie at worst.  The “copies” produced were clearly printed and produced in 2007, and they are certificate of live birth, not a copy of the original long form certificate from the actual date of birth.

So, CNN, on queue continues the issue, and makes it look like those with questions are idiots, by not properly representing the facts.



They set out to make “birthers” look stupid, but made themselves look worse and now the try to cover their tracks!



Well we seem to have leaking information all over the place that is supposed to be secret, but information about Obama remains concealed.  Someone knows how to keep secrets, so the release is likely ON PURPOSE:



This guy is not alone in his serious doubts.  I have come across some very senior, very decorated officers who have told me directly they do not have confidence in the legitimacy of this President.  Why must his past be secret, but we have WikiLeaks out there spilling all manner of classified information.  Can’t we just store and secure our classified the same way as Obama’s birth, school and other records?  It seems he knows how to keep secrets!


Folks, this is the start of Political prisons in the US.  The “judge” rules it is somehow not relevant that we cannot verify the legitimacy of the President, and there are some serious doubts, then we can throw a guy in prison for failure to comply with orders from someone of UNPROVEN legitimacy?

Look, IF there is are REAL long form certificate, release it and get this over with.  Both parents, or those we believe to be his parents are dead!  There are ZERO privacy concerns, and besides it is OUR job to verify his legitimacy.  That he stonewalls is an issue in itself!


Recall that we have not seen the original copy.  Recall that it was claimed by 3 state officials in Hawaii to exist, but one state official who has left that job has gone public and definitively claimed it does not exist.   There is no agency to verify the credentials, and IF there was, it would be more powerful than the votes of the people.  Did the founders intend for the qualifications of a candidate to be kept secret or to be verified by 3 partisan state officials and that is sufficient for the entire population?  Of course not.

So here we have a highly educated man, a doctor, and Army officer, willing to take a stand and demand as a citizen to see the proof, and instead of providing such proof that is supposedly available from the state for a very small fee, they send this guy to jail!  Think about that for a minute.  If that kind of power is in play, are you in a free country ruled by the people, or are you in a tyranny ruled by the elite who only abide by the Constitution and its limits when it fits their agenda, otherwise they ignore and trash it, and throw dissenters into prison for demanding what ought to be there rights as a citizen.


Related post:



This is perhaps the most in depth and insightful commentary and history of how they USA imprisoned a US Army Officer for daring to ask a legitimate question:



Well, the new HI Gov has a PRIORITY to dispel the birth certificate issue, well then RELEASE the ORIGINAL.

This story says the certificate was released, yes the 2007 computer generated version, NOT the original copy!

If this is such a big priority, then a release of the original would make it all go away very quickly but they just won’t do that, WHY?


Right wing birther kook, Chris Matthews of MSNBC demands a copy of original birth certificate!  OK, he is about as far left and has tingling legs just thinking of his Obama Messiah, but even he is now asking for proof, and it only took over 3 years for the media to get interested in this controversy…



New progressive Democrat Governor of Hawaii aims to protect Obama by making this issue go away, but he also can’t find the long form birth certificate!

Oh-no, does that mean that maybe the “birthers” are correct?

As crazy as it seems, it would not be the first time a cabal of political elites have conspired to foist a big lie upon the public.  The manipulation of the masses is not new, it has actually become more and more routine, and the puppet masters think they are justified in what they do.



Maybe the Supreme Court will look at this….


More (29Mar2011):

Finally someone who is famous and powerful make this a real issue:


More (31Mar 2011):

Well, how to explain the Selective Service registration under a never issued SSN, and an SSN that bears a Connecticut number prefix…

Who, REALLY is the guy in the White House???


More (4 Apr 2011):

After over 2 years in office a few in the media start to do their job…  What took so long?


More (28Apr 2011):

This may well be an issue, but it is time to put it at the bottom of a very long list of MUCH, MUCH bigger problems!

Obama LOVES THIS.  I contend that whether or not there is something to this, he still loves it.  Either it is true he is illegitimate, and this is also a fake, or it is valid and he is legitimate.  Either way HE LOVES this topic, so let it go!

Move on to the topics that he violated the Constitution on multiple occasions.  That he has moved to make Congress and the Courts irrelevant or stooges for his agenda of national destruction.

Move on to the fact that his policy are ushering in the demise of this nation.

Let us keep our focus here.

IF this long form is in fact a fake, who will really listen, and will it matter?  I doubt it at this point, and if it is a fake, it could be to perpetuate that continue the discussion that Obama Loves, because it distracts from the fact he is leading the destruction of this nation!

He loves the distraction while he does the real harm that creates the “fundamental transformation” and the destruction of our Constitution.


We know enough to suggest he needs to be removed from office, by his ACTIONS.

And we also have many unknowns about this man, and that BREEDS speculation and distrust, which explodes when his ACTIONS tend to be like pouring gasoline on a raging fire of speculation.


We are being played, I contend even this is part of the plan.  The plan is the demise of the USA, Soros has openly said it, and he and others put this man in office.  His secrets and his soaring unpopularity and the creation of strong tensions and national division is PERFECT to finally conquer and destroy the USA, and THAT is what this is really all about.

More (29April 2011):

Even Fox plays us for fools!


What they are trying to tell us via this “expert” is an admission that a scanned document was in fact altered!  The Expert is admitting there are layers in the document, and then trying to tell us it is due to OCR software!

There is a huge problem with this.  If OCR was used, then it is not a photo copy of the original document!  OCR software attempts to recognize characters within a scanned image of a document, then store the OCR file with TEXT CODE for recognized text patterns in the document.  This saves space and permits the use of copy and paste and EDITING of the file!

Did you catch that?  It permits editing!

Now I don’t say this to perpetuate discussion on the “birther” topic.  To be blunt I think it is a serious distraction, and it is being used to keep us focused away from much bigger issues and much more nefarious things going on, like the “under the radar” attempt to infringe on gun rights.

You see, Obama loves this topic.  It is why he discusses it with glee, and why this document was released.  He knew full well it would not make the issue go away, and if it DID make it go away, and if there were no questionable aspects to it, then he would have never released it!

Did you get that?  I don’t care if he did or did not have a birth in the USA at this point.  It is too late for this now.  He is violating the US Constitution, and he is working “under the radar” to violate his oath of office.  Does it matter if he is really legitimate or not? – No, because even if he was, he needs to be stopped from his efforts to destroy America and the system of government directed by the Constitution.

I’d go so far to say that even if he had a clean and unquestionable copy of the long form, he’d never release it!  He LOVES THIS, and we need to drop it and focus on the BAD FRUIT of his actions, not whether or not he has solid roots or not.  We recognize the false prophets and deceivers not by the displays they create for us to see, we judge them by the quality of the “fruit”.   With Obama it is very CLEAR the fruit is poison, and in that we need keep the focus so we can stop his efforts to destroy us from within.

Now, my concern about Fox News and others attempting to guide us away from the “birther” topic (and this includes Glenn Beck) is that it must be done by stating the TRUTH.  If there is legitimate questionable aspects to his documents, we should not dismiss them with lies and distortions, because this is the very “ends justify the means” tactics that we much oppose!

We need to state the FACTS as I have done here and reveal the attempt to manipulate, then trust the thinkers and leaders will dismiss the distractions while still knowing the truth, and also shift focus to the much bigger, more critical issues.  We can’t guide our people to TRUTH if we ourselves use deception and manipulation to focus people on the big issues, we have to be TRUE all the time, and Glenn Beck should know this well!


MORE, as if you needed any more… 20 July 2011:



3 Responses to “A few words about “agency verification” and the Obama ”Birther” Controversy”

  1. Dave D. said

    There is much evidence of obama’s foreign birth but the justice system will have no part of it. This will not be heard by SCOTUS, if ever, until obama is out of office. By that time the damage will have already been done and there will be no turning back the clock.
    This came out yesterday. Just more fuel for the issue:


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  3. […] https://minorityrightsadvocate.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/a-few-words-about-%e2%80%9cagency-verificatio… […]

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