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If you subscribe to “any means” to reach your ends, then NOTHING is off the table..

Posted by mrfixit on November 7, 2010

Can you imagine if a Republican suggested that GW Bush needed another 9/11 to get back his popularity?  Can you imagine the outcry!?

 When a Democrat has basically said as much about Obama, suggesting that another OK City domestic terrorist bombing would be good for Obama! 


Yep, shocking, well shocking if you don’t yet know who these people are and what they are capable of.  We are talking about a bunch of ideologues that have as there central objective the attainment of more and more centralized power to control and direct the lives of others.  To them it is all about power, they of course think this is for everyone else’s good, as our self appointed elites, they must assume the mom and dad status for us little unsophisticated types you know.

 Well, to them if it takes an attack to make things work, then so be it.  There is not method that is too extreme, no means out of bounds, it is Saul Alinsky, and it is who these people are!   They have no moral anchor whatsoever. 

 Now should another attack come, and one will – it is only a matter of time. Look to see the spin.  Most important: question EVERYTHING.  If they can’t get a genuine bona-fide wacko on the right, they produce an imposter if needed to get the job done.  This is not a guess; they have already done this with the Tea Party rallies.  They dispatched morons with stupid signs in an attempt to make the Tea Party look stupid and racist.  They will try anything to gain more power and stop those seeking to keep it distributed to the masses.


Of course they can get the new Dems right in, but a new Republican, well that will take some time…



When they call for violence, it is OK, but even the suggestion that desperation might cause violence from our side if viewed as extreme. 


Soros, betting on and getting rich on your demise, if that is not evil, what is?



Liberal/Progressive love talk:  “You Animals Are Gonna Get It”

Sounds like fighting words, are we going to shut them down for “hate speech”? – No, well can you imagine one of the Conservative talkers saying this!  I guess then someone might actually hear it!


Lies, well lies are routine, they live in lies, so they don’t have any issue with lying to you!   Here they doctor a report to impose a bogus drilling ban that hurts the US economy, but oddly helps companies and foreign interests, that coincidentally benefit Billionaire George Soros!  No connection I’m sure:


5 Responses to “If you subscribe to “any means” to reach your ends, then NOTHING is off the table..”

  1. Dave D. said

    We have already had an attack (Fort Hood)under this administration and we see how it was handled. Shoved into a lock box.

  2. […] https://minorityrightsadvocate.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/if-you-subscribe-to-%e2%80%9cany-means%e2%80%… […]

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