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Who Knew? An Obama Statue was erected in Indonesia, and then moved due to public PROTEST!

Posted by mrfixit on November 5, 2010

Alright, I did, but I incorrectly assumed that most informed engaged folks would have heard this and in is not significant by taken alone; but what is significant is that it was so poorly reported!

I asked two very engaged informed friends about this old story and neither had heard of it, so I feel it good to comment here on subject.



OK, so the NYT has to play cover, but if Obama was so popular, why did the leaders capitulate and move the statue?  Of course this makes little sense, but never mind logic when dealing with progressives.

So, what is glaring here is that the notion that we are somehow going to be loved internationally thanks to the election of Obama is a complete and utter lie, always was, always will be.

The rest of the world wants what we have.  They want prosperity, opportunity and Freedom.  They largely have leaders in government that prevent this, out of concern for their personal loss of power, relative wealth and CONTROL., but never  mind that.

The other leaders see the world as a zero sum game, and in order to raise their wealth and power, they must tear down the US.  A few try to ride the coattails of US power, we call them allies, and the rest seek to get what we have.

So when Obama was elected, and Indonesia does not instantly get what we have, they turn on him.  It is not that they expected any more than was promised, but that they have no patience.  The level of the oceans did not lower, and the earth did not heal as promised.  (Quote: ” this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”) Obama claimed this would begin right away, now he is asking for time. 


Any good parent knows not to make promises to their children they have no way of keeping.  Obama and the progressives see themselves as parents of us little people, and their followers act like little children.  The problem is they can’t keep they promises they make, and as would be the case with the parent child relationship, when this happens, trust is broken, respect is lost, and that is easy to lose, very hard to earn back.

With that said, Obama and his kind… they are only part of the problem.  The other part is those that would act like children.  We are not, but if we act that way collectively, we will do so at our own demise.

We must be adults and see the political leaders as only the facilitators who hold the levers of LIMITED power that are to secure our individual rights, from there it is ON US to do the work that makes a society succeed.  It is not top down that works best, it is bottom up.

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