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The most dangerous person with power in political office is the “gifted liar”

Posted by mrfixit on November 5, 2010

Folks, as you all know the election trend is positive, but you also know my prior post was very cautiously optimistic, if not pessimistic.  It was not good enough.  I hope I’m wrong.


Well coming from Washington State, we had 3 specific tax issues on the ballot for direct voter feedback on higher taxes; each one was very soundly defeated by a super majority.  Even the tax on the richest 1% that went down in flames a Massive defeat.


Now our progressive Governor is whining about the voters demanding all these services from government then not permitting any means to pay for these services.  I have to shock you, she is CORRECT to complain.  It is accurate!


You see, in an earlier post I compared the trend of big government to a sugar daddy, giving lavish gifts to the spoiled children.  Each child demanding more of a “fair” share, and all not concerned with where or how the gifts are paid for.  They all just want more.


Well that is largely what we have created here in Washington State. 

When the government asks the people to pay they all say NO, but they then expect someone else to pick up the tab, as long as it is not them, it is OK!

How do I know this?  Well, the progressive Democrats out here largely won re-election, even super spending progressive Patty Murray.  They still won, but many of their voters by obvious numbers were saying a clear no to more taxes.  So they vote for the spenders, but not for them paying anything more to support the spending spree!

You see, this is a huge danger.  While it is good that at least the regular citizen in a large majority gets the danger of more taxation, they still keep in power those the will seek any and every possible method to raise more taxes and spend on their favorite, largely union, interests who in turn spend money to keep them in office and their members drinking the Kool-Aid to vote for progressive Democrats.

If we are not deeply and fully educated, and only see the taxation and spending on a superficial level as to how it PERSONALLY affects us individually, and then fail to see the larger danger of keeping those in power who would wield that power to maintain their personal and partisan agendas above the best interests of the people, well then we are only slightly delaying the inevitable reckoning.


Now, with that background out there, to the title:  The most dangerous politician is the one that will say anything and act genuine to get broad support and to seduce trust.  Bill Clinton is a great example of a gifted liar, but in his case he at least was fond of popularity, so he’d back off a hard agenda if his popularity was at stake.   Now we have no such check in that office, but let’s look at the local.  What is it that a mostly conservative voting bloc sees in many Democrats in Washington State?  Well, by looking at what I was mailed from these guys, you’d think they were staunch pro business conservatives!  You’d think they genuinely cared about individual rights and free market driven prosperity.  Well, if that is true, then they lie when choosing to be under the Democrat banner, because that is NOT what their own supporters in the base of that party want, it is NOT in their platform.


So, they either are deceiving the public, or their party.  The party pays them, gets their lucrative union contributions and other goodies, gets them elected and finds them good paying employment.  Well the public:  all they do is vote, so WHO are they lying to?  – YOU!  If you trust them, well you might just be a very tiny part of the problem. 

Think about it, if they are willing to lie to get elected, then what incentive is there for them to follow any law, rule, constitution or the will of the people.  They can simply lie about the intentions and actions of anything they’d do, and if we buy it, well it is just like a con artist getting you to buy into a fraud investment.  No different.  Trust ought to be center stage, but if you have a party with a platform like that, you can’t be honest to the people, or you have to lie to the party.  How can you get elected otherwise?  So the first act is to learn how to lie!

I had the opportunity to be part of the GOP Platform here in WA State, we worked real carefully to make sure our platform would be widely accepted and something our candidates could honestly campaign and support, and NOT be ammo for our political opponents.  I can see no effort to do same from the Democrats.


Ask yourself if you support a one-payer healthcare system, or an international world order over the US domestic affairs or more welfare entitlement spending at the expense of Defense cuts?

If you support that, then keep voting Democrat, because that is who they are.  If you don’t support their platform then you not you are not helping if you vote for a Democrat – do you really think they are lying to the party base?  It will all come crashing down under the unbearable weight of excessive government spending at some point, and soon.  Someone will have to pay, and it will be all citizens, none will get out of it, it will be direct or indirect but either way there is no free lunch.

Those that live in blissful ignorance do so at the peril of us all, if they constitute a voting powerhouse, as they now do.  Our failure to reach them and educate will earn us shared miserly in the collapse that follows.

Brace for impact.

More data:

Even the LA Times points out a closed door meeting on government transparency by VP Biden, is well… ridiculous!  They have some other good jabs as well:


They will get your money, one way or another, stop electing them!



One Response to “The most dangerous person with power in political office is the “gifted liar””

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