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If you think the economy is bad now… You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Posted by mrfixit on November 4, 2010

The biggest collapse of all time is coming.  If you have cash investments, you will be hit hard, very hard when the value of the US Dollar collapses.

Previous post on this:


And this out today, it is right on schedule.

Right on Schedule: 


Ask why these emerging economies might not want a flood of US cash?  The article mentions this, but not WHY?  Wouldn’t a flood of cash be good?  Normally yes, but not if the cash is becoming WORTHLESS!  They know the game that is upon us, and they don’t want to go down with us.  Meanwhile a large number of US citizens sit by in ignorant bliss, more concerned about the football game or their favorite reality TV show.  Folks, we got here by allowing politicians to get away with this by our collective ignorance of it, and re-electing these corrupt narcissistic people over and over.

More Data:

As predicted, it was not hard to know that the world would look poorly on a US attempt to devalue our currency as a means to pay off our debt! 



Obama and the elites at the Fed and in our system just don’t get it.  You cannot revive an economy with worthless money!  You must produce more VALUE, and this is done by production of goods and services that customers will PAY for.  That INCREASES value and GROWS the overall value and allows for more money to be printed and maintain its value.   They don’t get it because NONE of these egg-head elites snobs have ever done any real work to produce value at any point in their lives!  We are ruled by the incompetent morons that actually think they are the smartest people. 

Here come the calls for a global currency system, this is global governance:


China on edge, yes China!


Another bit of data:  (If you don’t watch Glenn Beck, well you are missing information not discussed most places.  He has an un-nerving knack for accurate predictions, and let’s hope he is wrong on this, but the data is solid.  In 15 days the world economy can be in complete disarray.)  



If I did not make this clear earlier, let me do so now.  The  assumption that making US exports cheaper by devaluation of the dollar (INFLATION) is based on the completely flawed premise that US exports are large enough and can GROW enough to bring back jobs.  Surprise, CNBC and NYT now are saying exactly that!


Our manufacturing base is mostly decimated, it is at about 1941 levels in output, so HOW can exports from a devalued dollar work?  They can’t!  It is a cover story for the REAL plan.

 I did discuss the manufacturing and lack of export goods as a real problem:


That REAL plan is to destroy the dollar as the world currency.  The US is the target here, by inflating the dollar you effectively tax anyone who has responsibly saved in cash based assets, financial planning, retirement accounts and such.  You effectively transfer that wealth away by making its value drop!

This is the world’s biggest transfer of wealth.  The progressive/collectivist/internationalist elite see the US standard of living as too high, and they must bring it down to make things fair, THAT is exactly what this will do, and they are doing it on purpose, but they cannot DIRECTLY say that.  They do say it in many ways, but to sympathetic audiences.  They think we will not do anything to stop them, because for DECADES now that has largely been the case, but it cannot continue.

We MUST stop them.


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