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What is missing in this: “The Ideal that united the USA is the greatest county on earth”?

Posted by mrfixit on November 3, 2010

A friend handed me a list aimed at setting the record straight about Conservatives.  It is a good list and mostly right on the mark.  I dealt with item 20 on the list earlier, where it supposes liberals can be good people too, and that is not in dispute.


Now I have reflected on the closing statement I used in the title of this post.  Yes, a historical review of this nation’s history and massive, rapid success of rising to be the world superpower in unprecedented speed.  The advancements of mankind in standard of living have been raised globally on the rising tide of American prosperity.   No doubt there is something about the USA that made this occur.  Could it be that we are the “greatest county on earth”?  Surely that is a succinct and rational conclusion one could make.  I would not argue against it either. 

Here is the question, are we great from being united?  Certainly, without doubt the national unity that came on 12 September 2001, or 8 December 1941 were galvanizing events that created a national unity the allowed the USA to achieve remarkable resilience.  No one can doubt it is good to unite. 

But can unity be a bad thing?  What if we were united but we became corrupt?  What if we became a nation like say imperial Japan, or say Germany under the Nazis?  Those nations in large part were united.  Voices of dissent in were few and not long lasting (they were physically silenced).

When GW Bush was president, the Progressive Democrats made the constant drone about dissent being patriotic.  Perhaps they have a valid point.  Is not dissent from Government power a founding principle that was in fact the spark that started in all? – Yes, it was!

The Declaration of Independence was a treasonous act.  The signers were signing their own death warrant from the powers that be in those days.  Many actually did pay that ultimate price.

So then, if we are to unify to be “the greatest nation” upon what principles should we unite?

What principles are non-negotiable, and impossible to unite under?

These are the real questions we need to fully understand how to answer.

We need to unite behind the most fundamental founding principle that should be accepted without hesitation or reservation.  What is that principle? 

Try: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are CREATED equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain UNALIENABLE Rights…. …..That to SECURE these rights, Governments are instituted among men…

OK, so you might say of course, even the progressives SAY they agree, but do they?  Actions speak louder than words…  Not to mention the very vital component of “by their creator” a component Obama seems to have odd selective amnesia (or is it the teleprompter that made him do it 2 out of 3 times?)



You see, that concept does not demand or obligate one to be a believer in God.  It might help, but it is not mandatory.  What is universal is that your INDIVIDUAL rights are non-negotiable, non-transferable, not granted by worldly powers.  They are yours to have and hold by virtue of your creation, however you choose to believe that happened!

See my prior on unalienable and inalienable to get greater perspective on the historical difference, it is key.


We cannot unite behind the principles of the progressive/communist/socialist etc. 

Here is how I know the progressives do not agree with the founding principles.  They are cozy with the Communist Party USA, in case you have not noticed, they are in the open.  Yes they have the right and freedom to exist, but they promote ideas that do not respect individual god given rights.  If you did not notice, look at who supported and attended the “one Nation” rally on 2 October 2010.  The progressives were proud to list CP USA as a supporter!


Communism requires individuals to give up personal property and individual rights to the government, in turn the government is supposed to provide all the needs of the individual, so long as the government deems that individual is still useful to the society.  It literally destroys the founding principle espoused in the Declaration of Independence, and the system of LIMITED government established to protect the Declaration’s promise, the US Constitution. 

The Progressive is really not significantly different from the Communist.  Communists and Progressives have the same flawed notion that a utopian society is possible from a centrally planned command and control all powerful government of the elites.  It has never worked, and will never work.  Those that seek this do it in vain (they do this despite many knowing this truth!  Why? – these systems are great if you are in charge, unlimited power results, you preserve your spot at the top and eliminate the competition, often physically!), and if we allow them to progress, we all suffer the consequences, as we are now seeing.

I have to sadly report that our current President, like FDR, thinks the Government should bestow POSITIVE rights, not the founding concept that held the government to NEGATIVE rights.  The Bill of Rights says what the government cannot do, but Obama and progressives, communists, socialists, whatever they want to use for the name of the day, they all believe the government should be held to provide positive rights, in other words be the provider of services, like health care, education, housing, jobs etc.  Sum it all up, and it is the Communist manifesto!  That is not progress, is destruction of the civil society.



We cannot unite with those that hold views that will destroy that which has made us great.  If we do, we cease to be great and we fall into the abyss that has had its grip on civilizations and societies around the world since the beginning.

You see, while it is seductive to think the government can grant all these services as rights to all, the dark side comes when you figure out that when you go down the road of MUST provide by Government, you then mix FORCE at gun point with such rights, by that you abolish free choice.  Since the providers will be under threat of force to provide the services to others, and the recipients are under force of a gun to provide to the government to fund it all.  There is no system to protect from excessive cost or ability to pay, it all collapses and you end up with the distribution of misery. 

Think about it, you can hate Wal-Mart all you want, and go to Target instead.  Wal-Mart can’t FORCE you to use their store.  You can pick your health care provider, if you don’t like one, you normally can choose another, and they can’t force you to use their services.

But when government controls them, they are then the ONLY game in town, and you then have no choice, you literally then are forced to use them, and forced to pay whatever they demand.  It is no longer a free system, it becomes tyranny, since those that control the system have all the power, and the individual has none.

The recognition of natural rights, god given rights under the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights all rests on each right being independent from imposing on others.  When a “right” imposes on others to be providers, it is no longer a right; it is a privilege, when granted by law an entitlement.  If the receiver loses all gratitude, and becomes spoiled to the point of forgetting it is a privilege, not a right, then we are moving away from individual rights.  Those so compelled to provide then have their “rights” removed and become slaves to provide the means that are to be distributed to the receivers.  Sooner or later there are no more producers, only takers and then collapse!   

Your “rights” cannot legitimately IMPOSE upon others to be the provider.  That is where the line should not be crossed, but we have gone so far past that line it is no longer even visible in the rear view.  41% get some benefit from the government, 1 in 7 take food stamps.  Many of those do not appreciate the providers, they actually demand more, and more.  This is the danger, and while the 2010 election showed an awakening, far too many are not getting the bigger picture.  The corruption and seduction of the government handout has so badly damaged the true understanding of real individual rights, we now have those that claim everything is a “right”.   This of course obscures the real rights in the cloud of bogus “rights”, but it is the environment that is fertile ground for a rising tyranny.

So back to the original question:  it is not ONLY the ideal that we are united to be great, but that we unite behind the founding ideal of INDIVIDUAL God Given rights.  That is what makes the USA the greatest country on earth.  Not unity alone, it must be qualified under the founding principles. 

Many countries are and have been very united, but none have gone as far and as fast as the USA, the difference is the founding principles – principles that have been intentionally obscured and distorted by the Progressive.  The Progressive/Communist/socialist does not appreciate or respect our founding principles.  We cannot have unity with them, but we can be great so long as they are not in power.  We can exist together in peace, so long as we provide the prosperity that allows for the repair of the errors left by the progressive.   We can gain strength even on the moral superiority of the individual god given rights based system, by the having a constant reminder: The scars left by the instances when the progressive has attempted to stray from our original foundation.  It is a true shame that more do not know the Great Depression was one giant scar in our past rooted on the progressive policies of Hoover and FDR.  If we don’t learn from history, we are condemned to repeat it, as we are doing now!

Additional Data:

Look, the Communists are out in the open, we can not be great and unite with their ideas:



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