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Who is responsible when someone is “offended”?

Posted by mrfixit on November 2, 2010

Ok, I’m told some of my posts are offensive.  Well, I can’t control what one decides for themselves is offensive.

I can tell you I do not intend offense, but that really does not matter.  I aim to suggest truth, yes as I see it.  I have been a student of history for decades now, and over that time my views have been reinforced by numerous observations of fact.  Some previous views were obliterated, and some I have now no doubt will be as well in the future.  I don’t ask for anyone to simply press the “I believe button” when reading my opinions.  I hope to provide the data and common sense that make the truth self evident to any who reads.

I want to encourage critical thinking and independent thought.  I hope to assist this by focusing on points of view not heard widely, and I make titles that are designed to entice curiosity and interest to read the rest of the story.  This might make some title seem extreme.

So, my point with this post is to suggest to all that we have become a society that thinks we have a right somehow to not hear or see anything that we decide is offensive.  Here is the problem, what offends one person, does not offend the next. “Offended” is a status determined by the recipient.  So no matter how careful the sender, it is inevitable that some will CHOOSE to be offended by the message. 

Here is my suggestion:  CHOOSE NOT TO BE OFFENDED!  Yes, just say no to being offended. 

When it was suggested that I might have employed Saul Alinsky tactics, well I certainly could have decided to be offended, but I’m not.  I know it is not true, it is a misunderstanding, as such I wrote a piece to better explain my position, and this one to explain the status of being offended. 

It is the battle of ideas that brings us the best ideas, and without a dialogue or challenge, the best ideas are not brought forward from the battle hardened victory in this arena that gives them the most enduring and prominent acceptance.  Such is the story of our founding principles, the notion of unalienable rights granted to individuals by a higher authority.  This is an enduring idea, but even so there are those that would actually like to do away with this idea!

There are those that see themselves as superior and can’t stand being held equivalent in rights before a higher power, those that actually seek to be the highest power.  They are out there and they are DANGEROUS.  It is a flaw within each of us, but while some exercise self control and discipline so as prevent this flaw from driving them, others cultivate and hone this inherent flaw to its extreme.  Don’t give the power mad people more power!


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