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Saul Alinsky: Yes I use his name, but NEVER his “any means” is justified tactics!

Posted by mrfixit on November 2, 2010

Saul Alinsky is not unique in all of human history, but his book “Rules for Radicals” was very succinct and powerful to a generation of ‘60s radicals, many of whom are in positions of power in the current Government. 

The NEA (National Education Association) has his book as recommended reading; Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis in admiration of Saul Alinsky, who liked Hillary so much he offered her a job upon graduation!  ACORN and numerous left wing progressive groups all boldly and openly use his methods!

Some have accused me of using Alinsky tactics.  This is truly offensive, but I’ll not let it bother me, it is not true.  I choose to not take offense.  

At no point do I seek to inflame tensions, or to “rub raw sores of discontent” to derive political power or control over anyone, that is the root of what Saul Alinsky prescribes.

If by exposing truth long left dormant, or not revealed to some, or by taking a position seemingly so extreme and direct I might appear to enact such discontent, know this, it is not by design, so I cannot be using Alinsky!

Alinsky actually seeks to inform followers to design a situation or set of circumstances, even use outright lies, distortions slander “any means” to inflame tensions ON PURPOSE.

That I do not do.  I seek truth, I seek honor, and I seek protection of the divinely inspired founding principles of a limited government by the people, of the people and for the people, which centers on the concept of securing INDIVIDUAL human rights that were bestowed by and higher authority, our creator, our God.  Those are indisputable facts at this nation’s founding, but the modern progressive seeks to twist, change or obscure these facts, since their agenda cannot fit in a individual rights based system.

They derive power on pitting groups of people against other groups.  One “class” against another, unions against management and owners, one race against another, and so on.  Everything progressive seeks to place people in groups and diminish the value of INDIVIDUALS in each group. They derive power that way, and power is what they live to attain.

Personally I despise attainment of power.  I have had plenty.  I have had enormous power in my Navy capacity, and at other positions in my life, and I really don’t care to seek it at all.  Power can and does corrupt, but most of all those that seek it at all cost, that is Alinsky and his followers, Hillary Clinton is a great example, do I really need to elaborate?

I seek to retain the original re-distribution of power that was in this nation’s founding.  The redistribution of power to the people: a concept that was based on a direct relationship of each human soul directly with the creator, a flat system of power distribution, leaving the government limited power to secure that system against those that would abuse the rights of others.

I seek to keep power distributed to the masses, but this also demands the masses be informed.  As such I seek to share insight, analysis and information to anyone interested in learning.  From there I derive no power but seek to keep many others engaged as individual citizens to protect and preserve the power we EACH have when involved in the affairs of guiding this nation by our process of representative government.

This is ANTI Saul Alinsky.  Saul was all about organization, all about consolidation of power to the organizer, a central power exercising control and influence for many.  Progressives are all about reversing the distribution of power by creation of dependence, which in turn leads to people giving up their independent thought in favor of handouts, and it erodes and undermines a system of power distribution based on a virtuous and informed citizenry. 

I completely and utterly reject Alinsky and his methods, but I do acknowledge they have had alarming success, but ONLY because those seduced to follow the organizers have done so out of ignorance, they have been manipulated in this progress.  They were not aware, and are themselves victims of a massive fraud perpetrated against all of us.  I don’t blame the followers, as much as I blame the leaders.  It is the leaders that KNOW the game, as did Alinsky who boldly admitted the supposed goal of redistributive change was all futile, even saying it would never work!  It is in his book!   Then all his book does is prescribe effective ways to lie, cheat, steal “any means” to attain power, all at the expense or truth, long term stability and REAL progress.


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