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I’m advised that Liberals can be righteous committed people, idealists, and even Patriots, but is this correct?

Posted by mrfixit on November 2, 2010

Well theoretically, yes it could just be that a liberal feels righteous, is committed to their cause, has ideals they promote and believe are good for society, and of course they feel patriotic!  They think they own the founding principles – by their definition of course.  You know, like what the definition of the word “is” is!  They contort the language, and distort the history to fit their objectives.  This is what they do!

Here is a sample, yes it is long, but well worth the read:


Look, well intentioned people can obviously be misled and made to succumb to supporting some of the most heinous of crimes. 

Does anyone think that each and every German supported the holocaust? 

Does anyone think that each and every Japanese citizen supported the rape and pillage of the Chinese?

(Oh, and let me add for context the American atrocity by FDR of interment of the Japanese Americans, or say the trail of tears under Andrew Jackson, atrocities know no bounds)

No obviously these things would not have been supported by all.  By they happened.  They happened by either ignorance of these atrocities, or a sick and twisted rationalization that was presented to subdue the resistance of the otherwise outraged masses.  Many good meaning people were led to NOT fight their leaders who allowed or designed these very atrocities.

People are People.  Americans are not better by birth, we are not better at all.  What makes us different?  How did the USA come so far so fast, only 200 years we surpassed civilizations that date back thousands of years, how did this happen?

It is our TRUE founding principles.  They have been hidden in plain sight.

While a liberal/progressive (statist), will tell you that our founding documents demand we provide free access to all for medical care, housing, food and any number of social engineered programs of mass dependence, it is all lies.

That they believe it and have faith in it, and truly think it is best, but it still does not make it so. 

Reagan best put this by saying (paraphrase here): “It is not that the liberals are ignorant, it is that they know so many things that just are not so”

They live in a universe of lies, and only truth can set them free, but the more invested and committed they become in making lies appear to be true, the more difficult it is for them to break the bonds.

Our founding documents do not give the Federal Government any power to provide National Health care, it is just not there.  The progressive liberals have made impossible promises to gain power, and to keep it they have built an unsustainable system of entitlement, a system doomed to collapse, but they keep kicking the can down the road, hoping to keep the lie alive long enough to not personally affect their worldly existence.

This is nothing more than the world’s largest pyramid scheme, and it is going to be generation X and below that are left with the shell after it all implodes.

No, I do not think all liberals or progressives are evil, no more than WW2 German or Japanese, or American people were/are all evil.

But here is the similarity; there ARE some that lead the effort that ARE evil.  There are some leaders that seduce followers into a web of lies and cycle of dependence to further their larger political objectives and attainment of power.  Here the comparisons are intact, and in this we find the danger.

Today, as in the past, the real evil doers must be called out and stopped by exposure in the light of truth.  Lies cannot be allowed to stand.  Progressive plans for false utopia cannot be permitted to gain traction and seduce large numbers of followers. 

An ever growing government bent on creation of utopia has always led to tyranny, and always will.

The quest to perfect the imperfect-able with “any means” always leads to evil means to achieve even the most noble of stated intentions.

Creation of perfection from imperfect parts needs to be called what it is, INSANITY.

No matter how noble, righteous, or committed the liberal progressive thinks he is, or even how patriotic, it is only true if rooted in truth, for if rooted in lies, it is only another lie.

Truth is that this nation was founded on a limited government, a government established to secure the God given rights that were bestowed to individuals from the creator.  Any attempt to impose a collectivist, group rights, based system that ignores or eliminates the protection of those individual rights is NOT patriotic.  It is an effort to undermine the foundation and set a new alien foundation. 

In strict definition, those that undermine the foundation, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are in fact Domestic enemies of those concepts, and those are the ones we threaten the nation built upon that foundation.  No matter how well meaning they might be.

Yes, I know it seems harsh, but if one cannot clearly see the threat, then one cannot defend, and will be defeated.  I submit that is EXACTLY what we see taking place right now.  It must be stopped.

Want another example of a liberal progressive who I’m sure is committed, feels righteous, definitely an idealist, and I’m sure thinks he is the patriot, well here is a shining example:


Surprise, a typical member of the lame-stream progressive elite media!


One Response to “I’m advised that Liberals can be righteous committed people, idealists, and even Patriots, but is this correct?”

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