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Are the Package Bombs a Coordinated Al Qaeda Distraction for US Voters?

Posted by mrfixit on October 31, 2010

OK, I know it seems so conspiratorial, but Al Qaeda DID influence the 2004 elections in Spain.  They bombed several trains right before an election where the Socialist party which vowed to remove troops from anti-terror operations in Iraq then won, and Spain is no longer part of the Allied efforts, victory Al Qaeda!


Now, how would this play out here.  If a bunch of bombs started going off and attacks went wild, well that would likely help Republicans, and hurt Democrats.  It is clear Democrats are preferred by Al Qaeda, so why then launch these bomb attempts on the eve of the US elections? 

Well, you have to look at this from the perspective of those that hate the US.  If they see the ruling party is doing their bidding, well they want to keep that going.  How to help them?   Well, Obama is not popular, so how to make him look Presidential?  What can they do to help that?

How about send in a bunch of dud bombs, and then tell the US intelligence they are coming? 

That allows the President and his administration to come out as super competent, they stopped all these devices and our wonderful intelligence managed to figure this out before it was too late!

Obama was ready and went on TV himself immediately, not the long delays we saw with the underwear bomber or the BP spill, this time he was READY!  Not only that, the hint that this could have been a dry run was so adamantly dismissed, but why?  It has to look like a clear and present danger, a REAL series of bombs, and our super competent President and his team saved us!  Saying it may have been a dry run, well that is just not so impressive.

Ask yourself this:  This is the same enemy that is very effective as setting off bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan that are injuring and killing our troops.  This is the same enemy that worked on training pilots for YEARS to carry out 9/11.  This is the same enemy that influenced the successful Fort Hood attack, yes the same AMERICAN Muslim Imam in Yemen is tied to all of this.  He is an American, so HE KNOWS about or internal politics, and as such it is almost impossible to think he is ignorant of internal US politics.  It is also obvious to anyone with a working brain knows the Democrat/Progressives are very accommodating to the radical Islamic terrorists; they often spew rhetoric that is almost identical.

So, it may seem like a stretch, but is it?  Is this “bomb” plot a gift to the President and his party to make them look good?  Or is there even more to it that merely a gift, is it perhaps loosely coordinated.   Well, we may never know, and it does not matter.  Whether it is coordinated or not is not really important, what is important is that we have real enemies that are using our internal political process in an effort to destroy us, and they have accomplices or operatives in our system that are assisting in this process.

Don’t forget this – fight it!  We either have pledged allegiance to the US, or many have taken an oath to uphold and defend the US CONSTITUTION against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.  That requires us to be informed and to make our votes count!



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