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Who has the Hate? (It is not the Tea Party, or the GOP)

Posted by mrfixit on October 29, 2010

Ok, the lame stream media and progressive are out there trying to label the GOP and Tea Party as bigots and haters.  Well like all of the progressive agenda, it is nothing more than another of the countless lies that form the existence of the progressive.  They live in a universe of lies of their own making.  

I like the quote from Ronald Reagan, I’ll paraphrase – it is not that the liberals are ignorant, it is that that know so much that just isn’t so.

In other words they are filled with “facts” and information that are purely lies, lies built upon lies.

But it is worse, they are the real haters.  They are the ones that look at human life as nothing more than a collection of cells, they are the ones that feel empowered to act as the final arbiters on who should live and who should die.  It is the progressive that leads society to our worst atrocities, humanity to its darkest side.

Here is just one example, note these progressives are part of the mainstream Democrat party, which has in fact been completely taken over by radical hate America radicals:


Or how about a man with a knife threatening a GOP candidate:


Or how about how we are haters for posting the TRUTH, in their own words!  Truth is hated by the progressive, it harms the foundation of lies they depend on:


Or this one, go after those who want honest elections, but never mind the thugs with a bat standing outside the polling place, nothing to see there you know…


And they can’t debate, since truth is not on their side, so they seek to silence or ridicule:



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