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More on vote fraud:

Posted by mrfixit on October 29, 2010

Here is the template: ACORN and other progressive groups will again perpetrate as much fraud as possible and they will cover their actions with bogus and numerous claims of intimidation, racism, and of course disenfranchisement.  They will overload the system with false complaints (tested and true Saul Alinsky tactic) and thus the real fraud that is going on will be obscured in all the chaos. The compliant media will totally miss the real fraud and focus squarely on the distractions.  We won’t be fooled!


Previous Post:


More data:

Ok, so now they think they need to actually verify an actual resident status?!

Even though this is pretty weak.  How many illegal, sanctuary city, Seattle votes were a part of election 2010?  It is impossible to know!  Once the license is obtained, then comes the voter registration, it is then IMPOSSIBLE to know, and that is NO ACCIDENT.


And this takes perhaps the all time prize, the system was mostly invented by certified CROOKS:


SEIU counting votes in CA, now I understand how you get a repeat of Jerry Brown..



Group using Illegal Aliens to canvass votes violates state election disclosure laws, big surprise here…



The Murkowski mess in Alaska, a despicable elitist snob, so called Republican (actually a progressive), she’ll do anything to hold onto power, because it is all about HER.  It seems obvious the fraud has pushed her to the point of maybe winning.  “any means” is in play here:


Also see my prior media bias post, with article on media bias in favor of Murkowski, but solidly against Sarah Palin.


More Vote fraud, oh and all mail Oregon here:



This reads like a story from a 3rd world tin-pot dictatorship election farce, but sadly this is in the USA, have we declined that far already?  CT election numbers defy logic, and there was some really shady use of the election system in specific targeted areas of the state.



Maybe we are now able to see more why WA State’s election went the way it did…

Only 3 states issue driver’s licenses to ILLEGAL ALIENS:


Well then there is this, the high rate of unionization:


And this will also drive the jobs out, as is happening with the Boeing exodus…  Note the glowing love the story has for the unions, even claiming somehow that they created the “middle class” complete BS!


Coincidence? well it is getting too common.  When will the American public start paying attention.  Your vote, your country and your constitutional freedoms are being taken in broad daylight, and we are doing nothing to stop this?


Financial “reform” well, don’t count on it:



Vote fraud Alaska style:




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