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Is it too late to save America from Economic Catastrophe?

Posted by mrfixit on October 29, 2010

No one knows, and no one can really be sure.  But let’s be honest.  In order to prevent a collapse we now rely on nothing short of a miracle.

We are headed for hyperinflation.  We are facing a crisis in Energy.  We are no longer producing value in manufacturing and even have declined in agriculture, mining and all areas of productive value creating enterprise.

Let’s compare today with the great depression.  Back then we dug in deeper and prolonged the Depression with the failed Big Government programs of FDR.  It was World War 2 that pulled our economy out of the ditch, but we did it with massive industrial production and we fed the world, and armed equipped and provided the manpower to save the world from totalitarian tyranny.

Ok, fast forward to today.  Let’s assume a similar path, our Big Government so called progressives are following a near exact patter as FDR followed in the 30’s and 40’s.  The similarity is shocking.

So given that sad comparison, what pulls us out this time?

We no longer are the industrial powerhouse, we import much of our energy, and we import much of all our needs, so how then do we repay our debts?

Well, you are thinking in a logical way, our elites and leaders in the progressive movement are not concerned about any of this; they are literally not interested in the protection of our national identity and nation at all!   This system is created and perfectly designed to break down the USA, and allow the formation of a new one world currency, one world government where the international elites will rule over the masses with virtually no accountability to what they see as the ignorant masses.

Yes, that is the plan, so how do we stop it?

Daylight!  The only way to stop this is to expose it for what it is.  It is an agenda that cannot be accepted by the masses, but they are not considered smart enough to even bother to care.  Sadly that is true for many, but NOT US.  If you are reading this, likely you also care and want to stop this so called progress.

Well, in any case I’d say at this point a total collapse is all but inevitable.  I want to be wrong, I hope I am, but the odds are very long.  What happens after the collapse is most important at this point.  Americans will need to restore our nation upon the proven successful founding principles and avoid and resist any temptation to take the handouts and the entrapment of the progressive welfare state.  The danger is real, and they know that in times of desperation they have the fertile grounds of tyranny; it has been the case all throughout history.  The only way we do not repeat is to learn these lessons, see the patterns and NOT repeat histories mistakes.

Join me, but be warned it will not be easy.  Tough times are ahead, prepare and be ready to work twice as hard or more than you do today.  If we are lucky, we won’t have to make the ultimate sacrifices made by the signers of the Declaration, but we need to consider the possibility that we might.

Otherwise, our future will likely look just like it is portrayed in this youtube video:


Let us NOT allow this to become reality.

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