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Typical… Progressive Democrats throw the Black Guy under the Bus, as usual!

Posted by mrfixit on October 28, 2010

To make it worse, all to screw the Hispanic guy: Rubio!  (And to support the white guy: Crist)


Now, if this were a Republican ex-president, trying to get a black Republican to step down so a “independent” former Democrat could beat a Hispanic Democrat, well I think we all know the racist charge would be the lead item on every news cast for weeks or more.

The outrage would be all over the place, but here I suspect only the conservative media and maybe a few pundits on Fox will even take notice of this massive hypocrisy.

When the racial minorities get informed and figure out the Democrats are intentionally keeping them down, by creating dependence, and using their perpetual agitation, largely created by that same cycle of dependence, well the day will be upon us where they finally place the rage against their true masters – the Democrats!  It is not the conservatives holding them back it is the Democrat progressives!

The most powerful minority success story came when Clarence Thomas was placed in the Supreme Court, and it was Republicans that placed Colin Powell in high places, and others, because they EARNED it!

The Democrats like to look down at the minorities telling them they can only make it if the masters like Clinton help them out – BS! That is the deception and trickery meant to keep them under control.  Truth and knowledge will set them free, I pray that truth will free more Democrat serfs from their bondage and lead them to true prosperity and attainment of the American Dream!

UPDATE: Theres is more data!



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