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Liberalism is NOT Genetic!

Posted by mrfixit on October 28, 2010

At least it is no more so than the inherent imperfections of all humans to drift into selfish, self destructive behavior.

“Experts” are claiming a genetic link to political ideology:


Why would they do this?  Well, it is the basis of giving people built in excuse for anything they might do, but claiming it was genetics the drove them, not their fault, you know.  It is BS, even in this article it contains this nugget:

“were able to show that people with a specific variant of the DRD4 gene were more likely to be liberal as adults — though only if they had an active adolescent social life.”

So the “genetic” only had effect IF there was an environmental aspect of “active social life” included, meaning it is NOT genetic! 

I submit the “active social life” is code for active sex life, and/or lack of a moral compass.  THAT IS what leads to political liberalism!   More succinctly: a lack of respect for God.

When one stops believing in God, one does not stop believing, one starts believing in anything! 

That is what liberalism is: belief in anything, which naturally becomes a world of lies, lies upon lies, and all in denial of the center truth and foundation proven to make this nation prosperous and successful: the foundation built on the divine inspiration that placed unalienable individual rights from God as our foundation. 

This foundation is not understood by the liberal, and as such they drift into all kinds of moral hazards and beliefs in very dangerous self-destructive, self-centered, worldly pleasures and behavior which inevitably leads to their ultimate unhappiness and demise.


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