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Is Capitalism the Problem?

Posted by mrfixit on October 28, 2010

NO, but it is being made to appear that way, but why?

Capitalism is not really a system.  It is if set up correctly the absence of a system, it is the “system” of freedom.  Maybe it is best described as an environment of freedom!

In a free trade environment people exchange goods, services, and labor based upon a mutually beneficial agreement.  You work for an employer that needs skilled labor, you get compensated for your time at a rate you deem acceptable, or you don’t work.

You buy a product you want, the seller gets a monetary return that he wants, you both get what you want, mutually beneficial.

So, if this is an environment that permits on mutually beneficial arrangements, then why would anyone be against capitalism?  Simple, control freaks, and power mad people will always hate capitalism, because an environment of freedom based on free will economic exchanges is impossible to control!

They hate capitalism because they cannot control it!  Even those that have used this environment to attain massive wealth, like say: George Soros, well they now fight that system, why?  They are literally attempting to slam shut the door of opportunity behind them, now that they are on top.  You see the true free market capitalist environment permits attainment of great wealth by anyone with a great idea and the drive to make good on that idea, product, service, you name it, but it ALSO allows those at the top to lose it all and go back to the bottom.  It is the environment where economic classes are fluid, and not frozen, like most of the rest of the world.   It has been known as the attainment of the American dream.

Well, to a progressive, this cannot stand.  They see a zero sum economic landscape, and they see inequality everywhere.  With their stated objective of fairness and equality they work to freeze the economic fluidity of the free market, and redistribute wealth in society (of course keeping their own wealth and elite positions of power, only they are worthy, they assume).

The progressive elites despise the notion that others might rise and they might fall.  They believe they are uniquely qualified to rule over society, which they view as made up of little children.  Just look how they describe regular citizens; they say it clearly in their own words.

They are so arrogant, so narcissistic, they assume near God like status, while also denying God, they assume to know what is best for you, and of course they don’t really leave room for your worship of the real God with their agenda.

Someone brought me an article in Car and Driver, about the supposed evil of mining in Africa for elements used in advance batteries, batteries used in much of the green technology!   Why would Soros and the Center for American Progress take this on?  The basis is another attack on Capitalism.  They blame capitalism for the funding of murderous thug (far left radical) rulers in Africa.  They miss the real root cause, which is the murderous thug left wing radicals! You see, they ignore the root cause because it does not serve their agenda.  If we were to say that we’d support and if needed intervene to establish a liberty, individual, God given rights type system of government in these areas; well these same progressives would cry about how we dare impose our values on these people.  Yep, there is no winning and that is the point, they want freedom and capitalism to fail entirely, they crave control and power, and freedom and capitalism are enemies to these people.  I could not find an online version of the story, so I looked at the Center for American Progress page, as they were cited as a source (don’t trust ANYTHING from them!).



I did however come across this well written piece from car and driver that blatantly demonstrates the manipulation the media and the progressives attempt to foist upon us.  First ethanol is the savior, then it is going to destroy us, what?  Well at the end the truth comes out, the progressive really hates people, they think there is too many of us, and we’ll die if we keep reproducing!  It is not new; they have said this for many years.  More evidence that Progressive is actual a false cover label for Regressive!



2 Responses to “Is Capitalism the Problem?”

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