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The Food Desert Scam

Posted by mrfixit on October 27, 2010

Ok, when I watched the ludicrous Fox News interview Mike Huckabee did with Michelle Obama, where he practically was worshiping her as she went on and on about the plight of the poor fat kids that live in food deserts.

Now this is so obviously a lie, how can it be said with a straight face?  How can the Huckster – faux conservative, sit there in adoration as Michelle Obama spouts some of the most illogical and idiotic claims?

You see, the Huckster’s progressive streak adored the concept that we can improve society’s health by forcing people to make healthy choices in their diets, you know like your mommy and daddy did when you were a kid- “eat your green beans!”  As a former fat guy, the Huckster wants you to listen to HIS advice on diet as well, and he is not afraid to choose for you if he could.

You see, to the progressive we are all their little children.  They of course appoint themselves above us, and the fast food eating, cigarette smoking Obamas and fat (or formally fat) Hucksters can mandate how you eat!

Back to the food deserts, it has NOTHING to do with health, and EVERYTHING to do with redistribution of wealth.  The money is to be wasted in poor areas where the supermarkets are not viable in the free market, because there are few people to buy that will actually PAY, the cost of land, or taxes, or climate of local government is cost prohibitive and/or likely because those areas are not physically safe for business.  But Michelle’s and Barrak’s voting base will be in essence the receivers of money in this scam, so much like virtually all of the Democrat ideas, it boils down to an elaborate cover story for vote buying.



They always use a crisis, real or imagined to justify controlling more and more of your lives.  This one to justify telling you what, how and how much you can EAT!  Don’t think this is just ignorance, this is calculated.  Massive price hikes in food are coming, and this will enable them to have more control of the food supply, and therefore more control over YOU!  Wake up.


“We can’t leave it up to the parents” In other words, we need to make the Government the parents to raise your children!!


Folks, the left always seek to undermine and disrupt the nuclear family unit.  It requires the destruction of the family to seek its futile utopian goals.

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