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The Big Money is now on the progressive LEFT, but why?

Posted by mrfixit on October 27, 2010

The old saying that the GOP is the party of the rich and the party of Big Business is now a total LIE!

The elites have now found their home in the Democrat party.  The money has followed:


(Oh, Politico, the donors don’t want to by harassed by the union thugs of the left, that is why the donor lists are NOT released!  By the way, why are you not demanding that the LEFT progressive groups release their donor lists? Hmmm.)

You can add to that, George Soros, Warren Buffet, and even Bill Gates –who is now working to start an income tax in Washington State!

The rich elites largely like the Democrats, but why? Are they not attacking the free market and business?  YES, but not ALL businesses.  They are bailing out and protecting the BIG and letting the small fail!  That is it, the Big are getting the government on their side to kill any rising competition!

This was warned about over 200 years ago in “Democracy in America” when Alexis de Tocqueville warned that a rising rich, elite class would rise and then slam shut the door of opportunity behind them, freezing their status at the top, and making us return to the more common mold of societies in this world, where the rich are born that way, and the poor are born and stay that way.  What has made America great is OPPORTUNITY.  Much of that opportunity has been squelched.

How can a small bank survive when it must be responsible and the big banks are not but get bailed out?  How could a small car manufacturer survive if the big ones are basically funding by taxes, money taken by force from the population to subsidize their operations?!

Are you now starting to see why the Big go progressive Democrat? They don’t need opportunity, they need protection from others who might use opportunity to knock them out of there privileged positions in society!  They are truly despicable people, many know they don’t deserve what they have, but rather than be charitable, the demand YOU be charitable by forcing you to pay taxes to support them and their pet projects!

The party of the little guy is now the Republican Party.  Imperfect and infiltrated to be sure, but it is our best shot to restore the promise of opportunity. 

My earlier post about there not being enough money in politics applies, look at the numbers in the above article, and then the notional $30 Billion that could come from the population, there you’ll see part of the problem.  As we sit idle on the sidelines, the big players with relatively small amounts of money are able to buy the process and relatively cheap at that; we let them to this by not each doing our small part!



Now tell me how the GOP is supposedly the party of the corporate bigs, then read the bio of one of the Chicago Machine Daley’s and explain how a rabid progressive Democrat can be so in bed in the working of the biggest corporate concerns and government?  Hmm, as I said Big business and big government have MERGED, and they are squashing the little guy, and it is DEMOCRATS and progressives that are doing this to us all!


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