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So… 4 out of 9 Supreme Court Judges think lethal injection drugs must be SAFE!?

Posted by mrfixit on October 27, 2010

In other words 4 out of 9 Supreme Court judges are complete idiots!  Two of which are thanks to Obama!

Why is it that a drug used for LETHAL injection must be safe?  How can it be if it WORKS for the intended purpose? 

Idiots! – But not from lack of knowledge or thought, but lack of rational thought and truth.  These 4 have a plan; it is a plan of an integrationist-collectivist utopia.  This is why Breyer likes to cite “international law” in his writings.  Very weird given his Oath is that his Oath of Office was to the US Constitution, not to the UN!

We cannot afford more of these, they must be stopped.  The same ratio of 4 to 5 ruled that the clearly written 2nd amendment did not guarantee what it clearly states.

I’d go one step further, since some whacko Democrat Congressman is trying to impeach Justice Roberts, perhaps it is time for the Republicans to investigate and impeach these 4 loons as well.  I’d like to see them justify the absurd, obviously anti-Constitution positions they have espoused, the Kilo decision come to mind, but there are plenty more to choose from!


Note the LA Times was lazy, or INTENTIONAL in lack of mention of what the convicted killer did to EARN the death penalty: “1990 conviction for murdering Chester Dyer of Phoenix in a 1989”


But even that misses the important aspects of the conviction:

“Landrigan was sentenced to death for strangling and stabbing Chester Dyer in 1989 during a robbery weeks after escaping from an Oklahoma prison where he was jailed for another murder.“

I had to dig several pages down in a Bing search to find this, and then posted at a Gun website!

Why is it that details of his crime not considered relevant to the story of his execution?  Well, if you have an agenda against punishment that fits the crime, then you’d want to diminish the suffering of the victims and emphasize the “humanity” of the perpetrator!   I could not care less what his final words were, or his final meal, but I do care about what he did to EARN his conviction in the first place, I’m sure I’m not unique in my perspective.


My earlier post dealing with crime and punishment:



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