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Progressive: Cover label for the exact opposite: Regressive! – A world of Lies.

Posted by mrfixit on October 27, 2010

The progressive is actually one that espouses ideas of progress, that in total lead to the decline of civilization – which could not objectively be called progress!

How do I know, well look at every place that is controlled by Progressives and tell me what you see?

Take California as an example, controlled by progressives in almost complete power for 4 decades.  Over that time it has gone from the land of opportunity and great wealth to a State in sharp decline with a negative population growth.  Those who can leave do leave.  Even with illegal immigration, CA is losing population. 

People are voting with their feet.  Progressives have destroyed virtually all free market industries in the state.  So then why would they do kill the goose that laid the golden egg?  Well to understand this you must first examine the mindset of the progressive.   They actually think they can perfect society and interaction of mankind if given enough control over others.  They feel they are perfect models for the rest of us, and therefore entitled to force the rest of us into compliance.

Here is where the danger lies, their mindset is seductive.  It is very easy to temp the selfish, and dark nature of mankind, it is real, all the progressive must do is to cultivate and develop this tendency.

Just like the original deception, this leads mankind down the road to our ultimate punishment.  Nothing new here, are we fast approaching this now!

Well, another way to summarize, the progressive lives in a universe of lies.  Even the label is a lie, just like socialist, communist, liberalism and many “Democracies” the label does not fit reality. 

Progressive: It claims to be about progress toward a man-made utopia, but it is not about progress, it is about decline.  The utopian progress always stops with a tyrannical government that causes decline.  

Socialist:  Claims to assist society by a network of government to attain equality of outcome, but it is not about good social interactions, it is about making the government mom and dad, and the society a bunch of spoiled children fighting for more gifts from the parents.

Communism: claims to be about sharing equally and equality, but it is not about sharing equally, since it always has privileged masters, it is about serfdom, making the regular folks in essence slaves to the state and those who control the levers of power in government.

Liberalism: seems to be about liberty and free choice, but most liberals are also progressives.  The only liberty they care about is liberty from any morality on personal choice.  They want to control everything else, which is not liberty, it is tyranny.  Why exclude your lifestyle then? –  If you chose to be amoral, chose debauchery, then you’ll never be a competitive threat to the power of the liberal!  You’ll stay in your place.  As such they are liberal with abortions, sexual activity, drugs and alcohol.  How better to protect their elevated elite positions than to promote the activities that undermine any real competition!

Democracy:  Meant to be a system where the people choose their government leaders. Well Iraq under Saddam Hussein claimed to be a democracy, as does Iran, and North Korea.   Even China claims to have democratic elections! – Peoples Republic you know.

So, what good is a Democracy if the people have no say over the choices on the ballot?  How dangerously close has the USA gone toward this trend?

Note that there is little difference here, but those that live lies are condemned to protect those lies, when people in mass figure out the truth behind the false label, they change the label, but the attitude is not different.  They change the means, but he ends stays the same!  It is the any means crowd after all, so no surprise to anyone who studies this stuff.

I heard a dangerous fool on Progressive talk radio this morning, claiming that D (Democrat) was for Drive, and R (Republican) was for Reverse.  They love such childish analogies; they think we are all fools like their mind numbed drone followers!

I got one better:  D (Democrat) is for Destruction, and R (Republican) is for Restoration.  Take that one to the bank, but never get complacent, some Republicans are progressives (McCain), which is why I have the RNC on my infiltrated list.  With that said, look carefully at the party platforms; there you’ll see a stark contrast.


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