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As the Side of Honor, Integrity, and Truth we can NOT use “any means”

Posted by mrfixit on October 27, 2010

If we stoop to the level of the “any means is justified” left/progressive crowd, we become them.

Our candidates are held to a higher standard, we hold them to it!

That does not mean our guys are somehow perfect, or that we should expect such, but it does mean that for us are actions have real consequences.  We need to be as true, honest and consistently conduct our affairs with the highest integrity.

I would still pick Joe Miller, if voting in Alaska, but this story is damaging.


He needs to come out and admit it, claim it was a terrible mistake, and that he has learned from it. 

Credibility is perhaps the most important quality for a public official.  We know we can’t trust anything a progressive ”any means” Democrat politician would say, by definition they will seek to say what you want to hear, no matter if it is true or not.  To them the ends:  having them being in power, which is worth use of “any means” to get there, use of lies – obviously no obstacle.

We cannot do same or support it. 

Now, a smart political team for Joe Miller better start pointing out the many lies that his opponents are saying right now and question their integrity, now that his has been called into question, he needs to make sure the voters can judge his flaws as compared to his rivals.  I can think of several very public lies on the part of the progressive Lisa Murkowski without much effort.  For a Democrat, it is easy, hold up their party platform and call them on it.  If they support the platform, they have to lie to the people to get elected, or if they tell the truth to the people, they lie to the party elites on the support of the platform.   You can bet they are not lying to the party bosses or unions, so they must then be lying to the people!

The good guys must undergo rigorous examination, while guys like Obama are still unknowns, we know very little about most of his past, and it seems the media is uninterested, but they are already getting excited about digging deep into the past of any potential GOP candidate for 2012.


Update, more data:

Of course he does not see anything “wrong” with having sex with young women not his wife, he has a hollow core where he should have some sense of a moral compass.

Now he is rightly called into question about this young woman’s disappearance.  Just like the slime politician that he is.



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