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Seattle Times: Biased and Ignorant remnant of the Lame-Stream Media.

Posted by mrfixit on October 26, 2010

Well, how can it be a surprise from the City that has Congressman Bagdad Jim McDermott, a man so far against American principles, he ACTUALLY worked to make good with REAL enemies of the US!

Well, they are pulling an endorsement of a quality Individual Rights respecting judge because he dared to utter a truth that is insensitive to some folks.

It is a lie that disparities in race are due to lax sentences to some and stronger sentences to others, as a general rule that does not happen, more often if any disparity exists it is based on wealth and the number of lawyers one hires, NOT RACE.  We can look at high profile cases and see this, like OJ and Kobe Bryant.  Wealth was the winning factor!

There are more racial minorities in prison, because more of those groups are committing crimes!  It is FACT, but dare to say it and the Seattle Times and the progressive truth deniers will come after you!


This is PC gone too far.  Stating truth, no matter how ugly should never be cause for political attack.  What is worse, the uncomfortable truth, or the comfortable LIE that allows the true situation to CONTINUE.  We have such problems in large part for the denial of the ROOT Causes of the problems.  The Liberal/progressive welfare state that has destroyed the inner city- mostly racial minority – family! 

It is the same folks demanding us to be PC on such subjects.  Well…  perhaps that is to keep their  lie alive, the lie that they care, when in fact they have created the system they use to derive political power from the dependence they have created AT THE EXPENSE of these broken families and the taxpayer that is forced to provide the funds. 

It is the rich, predominantly white, PROGRESSIVES that are truly racist and are destroyers of these inner city families, yet they run around telling us they are the compassionate ones who care?!  NO, they are those that entrap and enslave these poor families in a cycle of dependence much like a drug dealer hooks his customers on his drugs, these progressives hook their victims on free money.  In both cases they gain control, and destroy the takers of their respective “products”.

It is NOT the conservative that does this! 

We try to elevate our fellow man by first recognizing the equality of our existence based on the miracle of life granted by our common creator.  Natural rights, Unalienable rights granted at our creation! When one bases their beliefs this way, they then seek to assist each other to ACHIEVE based on the unique talents we ALL have to contribute to each other and provide for our needs. 

Progressives despise the conservative model, because it creates independence and liberty, as such does not afford them the ability to CONTROL or become powerful masters over others.


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