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Well, MAYBE people have had enough, but do they get it?

Posted by mrfixit on October 25, 2010

OK, so if Bill Clinton and all the Michigan anointed Dems can’t fill a High School Gym in Detroit, well they do have a real problem.


My concern is whether or not the masses truly get it.  Do they know that not only did the Dems lead their state and this nation into decline (With some RINOs helping!) but the leaders of the progressive movement (George Soros) did it ON PURPOSE? 

Do they know that the plan is for a collapse that will build a one world monetary system and governance?  Do they know that in order to make it fair, the wealth and standard of living in the US MUST be lower to fulfill the internationalist Progressive agenda?

You see, as it may be encouraging to see the Dems lose favor, it is dangerous if the masses are not informed.  As fast as the Dems have collapsed this time, the GOP Conservatives can collapse in the next 2 years if the people are not educated.  This is why I have this site, my small part to educate as many as will listen!  If we lose in the next couple of years, my generation will live in tyranny, and only with the help of God, meaning miracles,  will our children have a shot at liberty later in their lives. 

The forces of tyranny have been building their “armies” only this time it is not the traditional military, it is the economic and government bastions of control that are used to control the masses.  Control does not require military force, that is reserved as the last ditch mechanism for desperation.  The control comes via psychological warfare, propaganda, and massive spending and economic forces that drive compliance.


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