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Russia, like much of the world: from one type of tyrant to another…

Posted by mrfixit on October 25, 2010

Well, this is where it might lead here if we don’t wake up:


Russia has never set the foundation on the American concept of INDIVIDUAL, God given, UNALIENABLE rights, and as such they go from one type of tyrant to another.  This cycle has no end until they seek a revolution by divine inspiration, and with generations of secular propaganda, that is far from being even a long shot.

Still, anything could happen, but I’d bet on being hit by a meteor from outer space before I’d bet that the Russians will find the wisdom and security of a foundation built on unalienable, God given, individual rights.

More Data:

Targeted for assassination, like others before him, the KGB is alive and well doing the work of evil, but under new names! 



This will be us, wait, it may already be us.  We have done same and many a whistle blower has been silenced in many ways.

WAKE UP, Wake up your friends and neighbors.  Don’t keep this to yourself.  Save others if you want to be saved yourself.



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