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Europe is disintegrating. Why do elite progressives demand we follow Europe?

Posted by mrfixit on October 25, 2010

Answer:  It is all part of a plan.  A plan that aims to create a “new world order”.  Such change cannot come via tradition political measures.

This fundamental change REQUIRES chaos to create conditions where the masses demand government provide order and security.

The kind of order and security promised by those that would be actual tyrants!

Communist, tyrant led, China is positioning to become the new world leader:


We have seen this before, but if the masses remain ignorant, we are condemned to repeat it again.

The ONLY way to stop the cycle is to be informed; those who do not study history are condemned to repeat it.  OR some who study history WANT to repeat it, when they are IN CHARGE.

American foundations based on Individual, God given rights are the antidote to this disease, which is why we must be destroyed in order for this to happen.  We can’t be destroyed militarily, so they are going to finish us off ECONOMICALLY.  I fear most of this plan is complete.  We are not at the point of stopping it, we are at the point of how to RESTORE our nation, to rebuild what we once were, and the world will depend on our ability to succeed, otherwise the rest of the world will fall into ever increasing chaos, it is happening now.




Meanwhile the US dollar is now being called “toxic waste”:




Europe on the edge:


History in repeat mode:



Now it is direct bailouts (the TARP largely ended up in Europe already), from an already broke nation, how does that work?



History repeats, the rise of the National Socialists in Germany, this is only the beginning:


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