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When Police make mistakes, MEDIA responses vary depending on who is involved

Posted by mrfixit on October 24, 2010

Look, being a Police officer today is nearly an impossible and unreasonable task.  On one hand our police are expected to confront arrest and deal with some of the worst, most violent and vicious criminals, but on the other hand they are expected to exercise practically unreasonable restraint in so doing.  The lawyers are out there just waiting to sue with even the most innocent of mistakes made by police.

Personally I think we set them up for failure, perhaps in so doing we are making it ever harder to retain and recruit the best officers in the first place, which it seems to me ought to be the priority and most likely method to have the least incidences of abuse, but I digress.

It is not possible to be certain, and in many cases mistakes are made, we have to rely on reports via media, but one thing seems to be common place.   The reaction to police involved shootings in the media seems to be driven more by the particulars of the “would be” victim more than anything else.

Have we become such a people that we are only concerned about people of supposed perpetual victimhood status by race, ethnicity, or other should-be irrelevant factors?

I say NO, but our MEDIA has become such an outfit.  We are getting our news filtered through them, so compare these stories and you’ll see my point.

The “woodcarver” was a big deal, and the Seattle police officer was suspended, pending full investigation forced to turn in his badge.  The 74 year old pastor, well is that officer is back on duty? (Not sure, at least he is still on paid leave, can’t seem to find an UPDATE!) 

What kind of officer is he and why did he shoot this pastor?  It seems at least the same level of media curiosity ought to apply in BOTH cases, but one dead man is apparently not as worthy of media attention.








The Latest, suspect e-mails and internal stife, cover-up here?


Oddly the Spokane police officer was also a bit promiscuous:


Another police shooting; let’s see where this one leads…



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