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There WERE WMD, and even the LEFT is now admitting it!

Posted by mrfixit on October 24, 2010


This is not new to those that stay informed, but for The Atlantic, which is in the left column for its perspective to actually admit there was WMD, and that he REAL question that needs to be examined is where did it all go?

To assume the invasion was the fault, well that assumes it was somehow safe in the control of a mad man who had already used it on his own people!   Oh, and it also forgets that we gave way too much notice and lead time trying to get international approval prior to the invasion, plenty of time to ship out most of the WMD. 

The left is dangerous from their ignorance, or perhaps worse, intentionally being ignorant of those that would attack us!  I think many of them actually have more in common with our enemies than those Americans that still believe in this nation’s founding principles.


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